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Robert Lindsay
This Spring

KDM3 Themes by jmiahman 14 comments

It's actually a modification by "judge" of artwork by "americanpsycho".

Lots more like it here: - Apr 28 2005

Network by jstamp 805 comments

Thanks H.C.
You're right I did "stop KNemo in the Service Menu of KDED and started it again".

All working now :) Nice feature, great app! - Jul 27 2004

Network by jstamp 805 comments

I can't find a way to display the traffic plotter.

Running Kde 3.2.3 (debian unstable).
It compiled without problems and right-clicking pops up the menu with "configure Knemo". In the config page is the Traffic plotter [tab] and setup page
- but middle click behaves exactly like a right-click :(

Any idea?? - Jul 27 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments

Tried it out of curosity but now I can't do without it. :)

Thanks for coming up with something so incredibly useful.

rob - Dec 06 2003
Baghira Debian Sid

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by gogo 10 comments

Thanks for putting the packages together. Love how it improves the look and feel of the desktop.

rob - Dec 06 2003