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Video Apps 42 comments

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Apr 09 2010
You are missing -> gettext - Apr 02 2010

i think you are missing the phonon devel package.

Something like libphonon-dev. - Mar 29 2010

i've sent you a PM. - Mar 29 2010
Sorry, this is not yet supported by phonon. - Mar 28 2010
Thanks, for your kind comment ! - Mar 28 2010
Thanks for your comment,

for subtitle support please look at: - Mar 22 2010

i don't think vdpau will be added to phonon, but lets see ... - Mar 22 2010
Thanks for your comment,

for subtitle support please look at: - Mar 22 2010

for subtitle support please look at: - Mar 22 2010
Thanks for your feedback,

you will see some of your requests in the next release.

I'm on vacation until the end of march, so don't expect an update to soon. - Mar 02 2010
Thanks, i will add your link to the download section. - Mar 02 2010
Thanks for your kind comment, i have added your pkgbuild to the download section. - Feb 28 2010
Phonon-xine subtitles patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Mar 22 2010

thanks for your comment, i thought you know that this patch wasn't made by me (MonsterMagnet). It was made by Romain Perier a long time ago.
I don't follow any dev mailinglists, but as far as i know phonon subtitles support is not planned.

Q:What's more, the internal subtitles of MKV files are not recognized by loopy, while dragon get them.
A:You are right, Loopy has no internal subtitles support yet.

Q:Is there any way to choose the external srt file ?
A:Yes, as far as i can see this is supported by the patch, but not by Loopy yet.

Please vote for phonon-xine subtitle support at: - Mar 22 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 196 comments

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Aug 03 2008
Hello mherbert,

i really like your plasmoid, have you thought about creating an ADVANCED FOLDERVIEW widget ? Would be nice to have preview thumbnails and navigaton in folderview. Should be easy for you or other C developers to modify your code to get this working.

I count on you !

Keep up the good work ! - Aug 16 2008
Revelation - Kbfx

Kbfx Startmenu 8 comments

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Jun 27 2007
Thanks, for that great skin.

Your skin is missing the mask.png, that's why the default mask.png is used and that's why there is a painting error at the very top of your skin. - Jul 15 2007
Kickoff-qt on Kubuntu 7.04

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 79 comments

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May 30 2007
svn co svn:// - Apr 13 2007
That's the svn of the old pixmap version:


the new qt version is here:


After you have the experience to build this package, are you interested to provide a deb file for this one too ?

That would be cool. - Apr 12 2007
Thanks for sharing, but why do you still publish the old pixmap based version ?

Any chance of getting the latest version ?

That would be very cool, thanks and keep up the good work. - Apr 11 2007

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Dec 02 2006
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf gtk-engines-pixmap - Dec 03 2006
Firefox userChrome.css

menu {
font-size: 8pt !important;
color: #ffffff !important;
} - Dec 02 2006