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by gcala
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May 13 2014
it's ok i've found the missing certificates ... updated puppy package here - Feb 17 2014
tried both and no luck .....

could you possibly post a picture of the contents of your /etc/ssl/certs .... i can then see what i'm missing

cheers - Feb 05 2014
hi gcala,

i'm suddenly getting 'ssl handshake failed' error again (puppylinux) .... it was working fine until this month sometime. ca-certs are installed .... any idea?

cheers - Jan 31 2014
package for puppy linux here - May 09 2013
i found out what the problem was, missing certificates in /etc/ssl/cert

copied them from an ubuntu install and it's now working :)

i'll post a puppy package when i get time.

thanks for a great app - Apr 22 2013
thanks for the reply ...

i installed the ubuntu 12.04.deb in precise puppy (precise puppy can run most 12.04 apps)

qt version 4.81

is there a list of required dependencies for grooveoff, as that might help

- Apr 22 2013
i'm having problems getting this working on puppy linux .

# grooveoff
GrooveOff :: "SSL handshake failed"

any ideas what i'm missing?

- Apr 22 2013