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Amarok 2.x Scripts 22 comments

by mudar
Score 76.7%
Sep 03 2013
Thanks for your feedback!

I agree that auto-refresh would be useful. However, it's a bit complex because it requires maintaining an open connection to the server which I'm not sure is supported by the QTcpServer running the app. Refreshing the page every 30 seconds (example) is simply bad practice...

For the page title, I'm not sure I quite understand...
and a page title would be nice. At the moment there is only the icon visible on the tag. Maybe current running track in conjunction with the page refresh?

What section are you talking about exactly? the Home page? all screen?

mudar - Sep 12 2013
Thanks Gary for your comments!

I'll add the Firewall comment to the installation instructions. High ports are generally allowed, but it could be an issue for some users.

When talking about "Naked browser" and "Easy Browser", I guess you're talking about web browser apps for Android? My android app will be a fork of CyanogenMod's Apollo music app (by Andrew Neal). It will be a native Android app with the beautiful UI of Apollo! Quite different of the current web interface.

mudar - Sep 12 2013
Thanks again!

Version 1.5 released...

I've added a countdown that defines an interval where Guests can add one song every 30 seconds. I hope that by configuring different values (zero to 10 minutes), it can serve most uses of the app.

By the way, there might be some performance issues with a high number of connected Guests: the webserver is run by Amarok (QTScript based). So some optimization might be required!

Mudar - Aug 08 2013
New version 1.4 released, with support for DJ/Guest modes!
It requires enabling the user authentication in the config (open Amarok then Settings/Amarok Apollo WebUI). Same username for both modes with different passwords.
Quite similar to your idea: Guests can only add individual tracks to the playlist. No other controls are available.

In a future version I'll try to limit the number of tracks a guest user can add. A timer doesn't fix the problem because logout/login would reset it. Maybe guest users can add a maximum of 1/3/5 tracks. The total being shared by all guests. Once the DJ refreshes the playlist page, the counter is reset. Or something similar to help the DJ "approve" the suggested songs.

What do you think?

Thanks again for the great suggestion!
mudar - Aug 02 2013
Thanks Josef!

I like the idea, can you describe it a little bit more? If the "guest" user cannot modify the playlist, can he still use the control commands (next/prev/pause/volume)? Do you have an example of how a read-only access would be useful in the context you mentionned?

How about this: Guest users have would read-only access everywhere (no next/prev/pause/volume), except for the permission to add single tracks (batch-add too?) to the playlist. The main user (the DJ!) would be able to remove tracks from the playlist.

mudar - Jul 30 2013
Hi Ale,

Thanks for the feedback. I think your issue was related to case sensitivity in the database...

I have released an updated version 1.1 which should fix that.

Can you please confirm if it works for you now? If not, what version of Amarok/OS are you using?

mudar - Jul 17 2013
Please check the knowledge base or for installation and usage instructions. - Jul 09 2013

Amarok 2.x Scripts 48 comments

Score 66.5%
Jul 19 2013

Since jwchile isn't maintaing this project anymore (thanks a lot for your work by the way!), I have forked the source on github

The updated version has an updated look using jQuery Mobile with modern Flat UI. The new App, Amarok Apollo WebUI is available here on kde-apps:

Your feedback/comments/suggestions are most welcome!

I'm also working on an Android app, which would be an update to Amarok2 Remote by h0lger.

mudar - Jul 18 2013
Amarok 2 Android

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by GojaN

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Jul 09 2013

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by jwchile

Score 66.5%
Jul 09 2013