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Whether or not chemtrails are real, my picture doesn't show them. It shows contrails.

I took a look at your scientific paper, it doesn't address chemtrails nor this picture. It also doesn't prove the point you tried to make with your caption.

But, if you can post a link that has no relevance to the subject, so can I. I give you this for your consideration regarding chemtrails: - Jan 22 2012

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Hi Robbi1987,
No, they are just contrails. One is from an American Airlines flight, and the other is a Jet Blue flight. Neither of those airlines make enough money to waste carrying tanks of toxic waste to spew out into the exhaust. It is all that they can do to carry enough passengers to make a profit. I know for a fact that they don't carry tanks of chemicals.

"Chemtrails" is a popular conspiracy theory these days, but without substance. Please take time to examine the facts of the matter before making such assertions. - Jan 20 2012
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The original picture is much sharper, but it is a larger file size. I have increased the file size on the picture posted here and sharpened it with gimp. Try it and see if you like it better now. - Nov 04 2010