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Jun 02 2011
Please check 0.6.2 final version. Sorry that I did not answer earierl. Somehow I don't get notyfication about comments from gnome-look. I suggest using launchpad for reporting bugs, I will answer them faster. - Jun 01 2011
Well this log looks quite unexpected to me. It does not look like a invalid username/password. Most of it is complying that server did not respond and last one is in creation of menu in notification area. I'll investigate it further when I return home.

PS: I've changed translation link in description to - Feb 15 2011
Somehow I cannot reproduce it. Sending to PyShare test account works. However none of my test users had an account for IC, so I was only one who tested it before release.
Could you send me result of:
tail -n 50 ~/.pyshare/errorLog

What does not work correctly is loading password from keyring when checkbutton get selected(I'll fix that in next version). Currently to get it working you have to fill username, password and select "use" checkbutton in one go. Files uploaded later should use this password. After you close and open PyShare again Username,password and checkbutton should be filled(password as dots). - Feb 14 2011
I'm glad that you want to help. For translation please go to was in description. It will be changed from 0.6 to trunk later, when translations templates will be reviewed by launchpad, but this should not matter, because launchpad automatically merges translated messages between versions. - Feb 14 2011
Have you checked a checkbox next to password? I'm quite sure,that PyShare remembers passwords in gnome keyring, but reads them only if this checkobox is selected. I'll try to make it more intuitive. - Feb 14 2011
Short answer:

Long answer:
I would like to allow uploading to as many hosting sites as possible. Because of that I try to make writing new plugins as easy as possible(If you know a bit about programing you can look at plugins/Twitpic_com to see that it is quite simple with my new unfinished API). Unfortunately I don't have enough free time to write everything, but if TOS of services allows it, and uploading to this site does not look v.difficult there is a chance that it will be added to PyShare. Youtube for example have restriction that developers have to use private keys for singing and complying with that is quite impossible for desktop app. Fortunately they made a tools for uploading so I may write a plugin that will depend on them.
If you want to speed up development of plugin for your favorite site please check its terms of service if it is allowed and if yes open a new wish on bugtracker with link to TOS - Feb 14 2011
Sorry for that. Could you please try 0.6.1 version? It should be same, but shouldn't need any translation files. - Feb 14 2011
Hi. PyShare is designed to allow uploading to multiple hosting sites, so its not bind to only imageshack/rapidshare(in fact there is fe. imagebam plugin that worked last time I checked, but it wasn't turned on because off lack of proper testing). I'll certainly will look for adding support for more hostings, but now I'm busy with my work, and master degree. I guess that I probably won't release any new version before october. - Jul 14 2010
workaround released - May 29 2010
Hello, thanks for your message. Sorry that I haven't responded earlier, I don't read this comments every day. I would read it faster if you would post it as a bug on . Your observations are absolutely right, Imageshack api stopped to accept files with .png extension. Fortunately workaround is rather easy so I would make new release today. I made bug report here - May 29 2010
Sorry to hear that. Does this happens all the time? Does it fails after file was upload(progresbar is filled) or before it started? Have it worked in previous version? Could you plese send me you ~/.pyshare/errorLog or post it here ? - Mar 16 2010
Thanks a lot,I'll check it. - Mar 10 2010
I'd really be thankful for translation of newer PyShare version on
(Yep, new version is near ; - ) - Mar 10 2010
at the moment only to rapidshare by CLI, I've done gnome-keyring integration, but I need GUI to put accounts passwords, and modify sending to imageshack to use it. So stay tuned:D - Dec 08 2009
thanks, I added it. However I've changed script name back, because python imports use filenames, so I would need to change more files to keep new filename. - Dec 07 2009
Probably it is possible, unless their license forbids it. However non-images hosting sites have higher priority for me. You can open this as a wish on to help me remember(it easier to find it there than on gnome-look comments) - Nov 23 2009
>Ok. now it works
I'm glad to hear it.
PL: miło mi to słyszeć

> Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.
It's bad that it didn't give any GUI error earlier.
PL: Miałem nadzieję że skrypt pokaże błąd graficznie(jak go uruchamiałeś z GUI), szkoda że tego nie robi.

>I have noticed, that if I click on "close" button during uploading image, app will hang, and stop responding.
I know, already fixed it
PL: Wiem, już poprawiłem. - Nov 22 2009
oh and if it still don't work maybe you don't have dbus. Try installing it or change
allowOneInstanceOnly = True
allowOneInstanceOnly = False
in - Nov 22 2009
I didn't know that it worked with Thunar:D I just installed and checked it:
sendScreenshot and sendDesktopScreenshot works as previously
sendFiles don't work - add execute right for and use it instead(in Actions assosiate it with images,and use %F in commands for example: /home/me/' %F
I'll publish 0.4.1 soon - than you could open empty windows by running without parameters and droping images on it(works on thunar to) - Nov 22 2009
I'm not sure. I would have to create proxy to test it. I opened this a bug but it's hard when I cannot test it. - Nov 22 2009
Do you get some error message? I'm on Ubuntu 9.10 and it works for me. You can try running new version from console for example:
python yourImage.png
for GUI or
python yourImage.png
and report a bug with error messages to - Nov 22 2009
not yet - Nov 22 2009
You mean something like small x near images that will remove image, and assosiated progressbar,combobox etc from app window? It's on my todo list for quite a while. If you mean removing image from imageshack server ,than it would be harder because I haven't seen delete link

PL:Chodzi Ci o guziczek do usuwania z okienka obrazka, paska postępu etc dotyczącego danego obrazka z okienka aplikacji? Jeżeli tak to mam to zaplanowane. Jeżeli natomiast chodziło Ci o usuwanie obrazka z serwera imageshacka to może być problem, bo nie widziałem odpowiedniego linku. - Jul 13 2009
should be fine now. - Jun 14 2009
fixed(I hope) - Jun 14 2009
I'll check that, sorry for delay, but I rarely need my script xD - Jun 13 2009
I didn't know that there is one in repo:D I'll probably drop that dependency anyway - Jun 13 2009
Thanks for mockup, it is certainly doable. It will be one click less but it will require much more space(It's probably ok for my 1920x1200 screen,but can make a difference for multiupload on netbooks). You've shortened link names, but 4buttons named forum are not very intuitive(I know that this with 2 are supposed to be Alt links which are also not intuitive name, and small letter forum is supposed to be link with thumbnail, but it still fails on "don't make user think"). I'll think about it and probably ask few people for opinion before deciding. (Rapidshare/Youtube would probably have only one link so maybe buttons are the way to go). - May 18 2009
I hope it's better now. - May 17 2009
AFAIK you can paste from clipboard to any terminal aplication using ctrl+shift+v or using rightclick menu. Primary have this drawback, that if someone switch to a browser and want to check his link he have to select text from adress bar, and than selected text replace imageshack link in primary, so I probably will not make it default(There are probably even some users that don't know about middle click pasting at all).
As for direct link button it was there prior to 0.3. I added other links because my friend told me that he use almost always forum link, or forum thumbnail link, so it's rather person specific. Moreover button+combobox is IMO less intuitive than combobox only(which is also not as intuitive as I would want).
However, I'm glad that you customized it to be better for your use case. - May 16 2009
Actually that site checks incoming (from your PC point of view) connection, and script is outgoing connection. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to test a script in such environment and than solve the problem. - May 15 2009
ok thanks for feedback.This output means that script can not send anything to imageshack -_-
Are you behind proxy or ISA server?
That could be also caused by firewall/apparmor/router/nameservers(DNS)
(Look for something blocking/redirecting pot 80 outgoing connection)
I hope that it's not an ISA server, solution for it would be far bigger than this script,unless you could persuade admin to unblock it.
For now I can only add notification about failure. - May 14 2009
Later you could try also this one - May 12 2009
Could you try running this one ? Unpack it anywhere(however I don't advise nautilius-script location because this one is not a nautilius-script)
and type in console
It will try to send attached two images, maybe this time I'll get more usable stack trace(or it could even work and give you links if it was GTK related).
Pressing enter or ctrl+c will end up script.
- May 12 2009
I'll try to make it more intuitive. - May 11 2009
optipng is only needed if you send screenshot, and you've change compression value..and even than it should fall back to not using it if its not installed, so still something is wrong. Does progressbar still shows you 0 progress? - May 11 2009
I've just checked and it works for me in hardy (8.04.2). I'm still not sure whats wrong, I'll write modified script for you, but I need some time. - May 10 2009
not at the moment. Just in case: you do know that after selecting link type from combobox, the link is copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it(there is no link shown visually) - May 10 2009
Thanks for reporting.
Few things I would like to know
- if this occurred just once, or does it happens all the time?
- Could you replace with this one and tell me if it's any better?
- If both previous fail could you check if it's a GUI freeze? You can check it by for example uploading few files and checking if combobox response to clicking
- could you open a terminal and run script from there? (assuming that you put folder in nautilius-script path the command would be: python ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/sendToImageshack/sendDesktopScreenshot )
and send me output? - May 08 2009
In the beginning it was dynamic, but with multiple uploads it was bigger than screen height and user had to alt+drag the window to get bottom links(see 0.2.0-Ideas by Shadestealer on: Mar 15 2009 comment). I know that the best version would by dynamic if smaller than given size, but I don't know how to do this yet. For now you can change prefferedHeight = 600 in to something smaller, or click on tray icon to minimize it. - May 06 2009
done - May 02 2009
At the moment if you want BBC code image you can:
1)paste indirect link in your browser and copy bbc code link from that site
2)paste direct link on the forum and put in tags manually

I plan to add fetching other links such as thumbnails for forums etc in v0.3. I have to open and parse another website to do it, so it will probably be on demand(meaning you will have button like "other links" and after you press it, it will fetch other link and show them). I'm not sure what is best way of showing them, maybe I'll put them in combobox. - Apr 03 2009
I tried to reproduce such an error and I finally got it(probably xD). In my case files where send, but server didn't send any page back, so script couldn't generate links. In current version script will show error massage.
Lack of respond could be connected to:
1)Transmission error (try again)
2)server is down (try again later)
3)server didn't like your image(to big/wrong file type etc..) - try different file
4)server blocked connection because of too many attempts. (try again later, may be partially addressed by limiting number of concurrent uploads)
Hope this helps. - Mar 20 2009
Sorry to hear that. It's connected with that GTK don't like more than one thread connected with GUI. For me in the worst case buttons appear after about 3 seconds but they do. I'll try to find a way to solve it. You can try clicking copy all buttons maybe they will work earlier. If not, v0.1.1 didn't use concurrent threads so if later version are unusable for you, you may use it in mean time. - Mar 19 2009
Implemented. You can change width and hight by changing

prefferedWidth = 400
prefferedHeight = 600

in script(lines 29,30). - Mar 16 2009
Thanks for your comment. I knew about height issue, but I had some problems with gtk,and as I used pivot for scripting my screen had 1920 height so I only added it to my TODO list:D I'll implement both your ideas. For now you can probably drag your window with alt. - Mar 15 2009
Uploaded new version, I hope it will work for everyone. - Mar 15 2009
Karmic sign

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Mar 16 2010
Could you please reupload? - Mar 15 2010
Yet Another Menu Bar (Work In Progress)

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May 25 2009
it's too big for my taste. - May 04 2009

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Apr 07 2009
I added progressbars in my version, maybe it will help you. - Mar 15 2009