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Nov 07 2005
This backtrace is only really helpful if kcheckgmail is compiled with debugging enabled. - Dec 01 2005
If I ever get enough time. Actually the spare time I have now, the last thing on my mind is doing *more* programming. Maybe when things slow down.. :-) - Nov 09 2005
Yeah somethings changed again. I don't have time right now to figure it out (day job) but will try to find time in the next couple of days. Unless someone else can crack it before me? - Sep 12 2005
This has been fixed in the 0.5.4 release - Aug 17 2005
I have no idea what might be causing that but I'll look into it in the next few days.

Sorry for taking so long, have had absolutely no time for this project lately..

Almost considered asking if anyone wanted to take over from me. Should get some time soon though.

Matt. - Apr 08 2005
Cool. I'd like to try it out but I cant find your download section! - Jan 26 2005
The password doesnt actually get truncated, the 3 "characters" that appear are supposed to present that there is actually a password present.

The problem is that I would have to read the password back into memory to be able to display the correct number of stars.

Your password only gets loaded into memory for the time it takes to complete the login process. After that, that memory is filled zeroed out.

Matt. - Jan 26 2005
My crunch time is over, I'm on holidays, here is a working version of kcheckgmail. Thanks for your patience..

Enjoy :-)

Matt. - Jan 25 2005
I'm aware of this. Unfortunately I've been very busy and havent had time to look into it.

Next time I have some time free you can rest assured I'll fix these bugs.

Matt. - Jan 16 2005
Sorry for the delay, this problem is fixed in the new version (0.5.2). Google always changes something at the worst possible time. - Dec 13 2004
This problem has been fixed. Please upgrade to version 0.4.1. - Nov 08 2004
you can use, like I use for my SLUG mailing list.

Konq support matters because it would be too difficult to support multiple accounts in firefox in a nice way.. the problem is cookies!

But I think you're right, a kmail plugin is the way to go for multiple accounts.

KIO slave would be cool too, like a KDE version of that windows explorer thingy...

I'll do it when I get some spare time ;-)

Matt. - Oct 19 2004
I've considered multiple account but cant see any good way of implimenting it.

So, multple account will only be supported when konq is compatible with gmail...

Why do you need multiple accounts anyway, isnt 1GB enough??

Matt. - Oct 15 2004
Yes that was a bug, should be fixed in 0.4.0...

If it happens again in the latest version, follow the instructions at
and I'll try to fix it.

With regards to your other request, I have no idea what you are talking about :-)

Matt. - Oct 02 2004
gah, that line again:

#include <time.h> - Sep 16 2004
Yeah sorry I noticed that one soon after I uploaded 0.3.0..

To fix it just open up gmail.cpp and add:


as the first line. - Sep 16 2004
Google changed the login sequence... again... Login should work again in 0.2.5

I'll look into the menu item thing..

Matt. - Sep 10 2004
This is coming in the next version, a few days away.

It's in CVS now but rather unstable... - Aug 26 2004
If any artistically inclined person can create an Gmail icon in SVG (preferably inkscape) for KCheckGmail, I'll send you an invite.

The current icon is from google search as it was the easiest (for me) to duplicate :-)

Matt. - Aug 25 2004
True it's not pretty, but it's not exactly butt ugly either when compared to the screen scraper that would be required with something like yahoo mail ;-)

To really break stuff (other than login) google would have to change their javascript API which I would think they would not do in a hurry. Just have to wait and see I guess... - Aug 23 2004
Would you mind sending me the debug output? the way to generate this is:

1. $ kdebugdialog --fullmode
2. select "0 (generic)" as debug area
3. set "information" output to file, /tmp/kdebug.dbg
4. start up kcheckgmail and try to login as normal. after it fails, quit..
6. $ egrep ^kcheckgmail /tmp/kdebug.dbg > kcheckgmail.dbg
7. email kcheckgmail.dbg to me :-)

Matt. - Aug 22 2004
BTW, is login still broken for you? - Aug 22 2004
No unfortunately. All the info is in javascript arrays. - Aug 22 2004
KCheckGmail currently uses an encryted connection to login and unencrypted http thereafter. The reason for this is I'm on a 33.6k modem and have to test with this :-)

Next version will have the option to use https everywhere.

With regards to the documentation, my main concern right now is adding new features.. Sorry if the "silly goose" comment offended you, that file was generated by kdevelop. I'll remove the docs from the next version.

Matt. - Aug 22 2004

Please try downloading:

and replace this file in src directory.

Keep the bugs coming in guys!

If anyone is still having problems with autoconf versions etc, I'm going to do another point release soon which will include a ready-made configure script...

Matt. - Aug 22 2004
I'm going to have the login bug squashed hopefuly by the end of this weekend..

Thanks for your suggestion! There's heaps of cool features kcheckgmail can have once it can parse gmails javascript.

Like how about selecting a contact from KCheckGmail and have it launch the browser with a gmail compose message page showing?

I wonder how far the integration can go.. - Aug 12 2004
I think google has changed the login procedure as I and other people have not been able to login even though our details are correct.

I'll fix this problem in a few days when I have the time. Until the next release, KCheckGmail will be broken.

Matt. - Aug 08 2004
Thanks for not giving up prjanique!

Just uploaded a new tarball. If your connection is slow you can download:

just replace the old kcheckgmailtray.cpp in the src directory...

Good luck, hope it works for you this time!

Matt. - Aug 05 2004
I dont really know the answer to this, sorry.

Have you tried opening the .ui files in designer and re-saving them?

FYI I've got designer 3.3.1

Matt - Aug 05 2004
It's sent in a https URL. I just use the standard KIO slave for this so I would assume it is encrypted... - Aug 05 2004
If it's fairly easy for you, I could send you some examples of the stuff that needs parsing.. it's not very complicated (I think!), the data we need represents as calls to javascript functions.

In return when I get some invitations you'll be first to get one :) - Aug 05 2004
Pity I dont have an invitation to send you! - Aug 05 2004
Thanks again prjanique

Uploading a new tarball now.. but you can just edit main.cpp and at the bottom of the file change EXIT_SUCCESS to 0

Can I ask what distro you are using?

Matt. - Aug 05 2004
Thanks for the tips... it would have been a whole lot easier to have it in the system tray. Wouldnt have had to handle kicker resizing!

*smax forehead*

I've just finished making proper KNotify events... Look out for 0.2 coming soon...


PS is anyone out there good at creating flex parsers? It would be really nice to be able to tell just arrived emails from just unread... - Aug 04 2004

The steps to install are:

# make -f Makefile.cvs
# ./configure
# make
# make install


Matt. - Aug 04 2004
Thanks for the report. I'll upload a new tarball in an hour or two.

in the meantime, just edit gmail.cpp and add this line to the top of the file:

#include <stdlib.h>

Matt. - Aug 04 2004