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Chris Reavis

Various Games by bram85 13 comments

Neat - good work. I did have a couple of questions?

How is this game scored? It shows higher scores than the rules I am familiar with. For example, I am looking at a game with 24 words and 42 points. The words (by the scoring I am familiar with) break down as follows:

3-letter - 11 words - 11 points
4-letter - 9 words - 9 points
5-letter - 3 words - 6 points
6-letter - 1 word - 3 points

I come up with 29 points - not 42???

Also, the "Q" cube in English needs an automatic "U" - From wikipedia:

"Note that one cube is printed with 'QU'. This is because Q is (almost) always followed by U in English words. If there was a 'Q' in Boggle, it would have to appear next to a 'U' to be usable. To give players a chance to use the Q more frequently, 'QU' is provided as a single letter tile. However, for the purposes of scoring 'QU' counts as two letters: "squid" would score two points (for a five-letter word) but is formed from a chain of only four cubes.


Word Length Points
3 1
4 1
5 2
6 3
7 5
8+ 11 - Sep 27 2006