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Marcin Pawłowski , Poland
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Elegant Pattern

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by Netsu
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Sep 14 2009
Hi, the theme you talk about is actually inspired by Elegant for Rent, which is in turn a modified version of Elegant Brit, and it is me who took inspiration from Elegant Brit, not the other way around.
So I'm in fact a follower ;)
And I'll look into this openoffice solution when I have some more spare time, thanks! - Jan 04 2010
Thanks! Please read the theme description and other comments here, people keep asking about Firefox all the time :)

In the package there's a file called 'userchrome.css', copy this file and put it into your ~/.mozilla/firefox/something.default/chrome/ folder. - Sep 17 2009
I noticed the first one myself, and fixed it, but I don't want to make an update with only this one small fix as it doesn't really change anything important.

The second one is good to know, I don't use those applications so I would have never found that :) thanks, will change that and maybe upload both fixes together with the open box theme as soon as I get to test it :) - Sep 15 2009
could you post a screenshot? it could be hard for me to fix as I don't have metacity anymore - Sep 14 2009
Sorry it took so long, but I fixed it and you can download the new updated version now :)

The funniest thing is, I was using my own themes even before I first used Transmission, so I thought my Transmission have no progress bars but they were just invisible all the time :D now I can see them, thanks. - Sep 14 2009
Thanks, It's 2x Conky :) - Sep 14 2009
No no no, I have no progress bar because I never had any progress bars in Transmission. My version of transmission just doesn't have any progress bars by default :)
So I need a screenshot from you to know exactly what you mean, to see how transmission looks on your desktop with my theme. - Sep 13 2009
Could you post a screenshot? I've got transmission but my build has no progress bars ;) - Sep 13 2009
Also thanks for the good words :) - Sep 13 2009
I think I will leave making dark themes to those who like them ;) there are quite a few similar dark themes out there actually, search for 'elegant' in the themes section - Sep 13 2009
That's really weird, I had this same problem once with other elegant brit based themes, when I was using gnome and ubuntu/suse, and I don't know why this happens.
The weirdest thing is that it doesn't happen to all gnome desktops. For some people it works and for others don't, I was even posting about it on some forums but never got any answer :(

Try downloading other similar theme like elegant brit or elegant cold blue, and if you could, tell my if it does any difference. If not then sorry, but it's definitely your installation's fault.

On a proper desktop you should only have this problem with firefox (easy fix), open office and maybe something else but DEFINITELY NOT nautilus and other such things.
Still I had the same problem on a different system and still don't know what was causing this bug. - Sep 12 2009
Does it happen with all the apps or only with firefox and open office?
I don't know how to fix open office but in the package there's a userchrome.css file. Put this file in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/something.default/chrome/ folder and it should be ok. - Sep 12 2009
You're definitely helping :) what do you mean by window menu? Could you post a screenshot? - Sep 12 2009
It looks like some parts of the gnome-panel have no support for transparent png's.

Please try the above link and tell me if it's any better. - Sep 12 2009
Can you post more screenshots and describe what should be visible on the panel? - Sep 12 2009
Unfortunately I have the same issue and no idea how to fix it. Open Office seems to not work very well with Gtk, the menus, scrolling bars and several other thing are displayed wrong. - Sep 11 2009
There must be something wrong with your archiver, it isn't passworded. You can try to fix it or you can download a tar.gz file from here: - Apr 08 2009
I like having bright white on my desktop, but I think I will attach a second gtk which will be toned down :) - Apr 07 2009
Hey, thanks, that's great. I know nothing about this css.
I'll update it soon :) - Apr 06 2009
Elegant Pattern

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Sep 14 2009
I'm sure gonna add this to my package soon :) pity I don't have openbox and don't want to install it as I can't test the theme myself.

By the way, what's that wallpaper in the screenshot? I like it. - Sep 14 2009
Elegant Brit

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by fmrbpensador

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Apr 07 2009