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Utilities by golnaz 42 comments

By the way, the auto config tool is the one that assumed wordpress. I have changed it to MoveableType API to no avail. - Mar 18 2010

Utilities by golnaz 42 comments


I've tried to use Bloglio with Drupal, but I keep on getting error messages *yes blog APIs are enabled on the drupal install*.

Firstly on adding the blog:

blog URL is entered as "node/add/blog/xmlrpc.php"

I add my username/password, and press autoconfigure:

"Unknown type of XML markup received"

It also throws up:

Fetching the blog id timed out. Check your Internet connection,and your homepage URL, username or password.
Note that the URL has to contain "http://"
If you are using a self-hosted Wordpress blog, you have to enable Remote Publishing in its configuration."

If I ignore the error messages and try to publish content I get this error message:
"An error occurred in the last transaction.
Server (XMLRPC) error: Unknown type of XML markup received"

whats wrong? - Mar 18 2010

Telephony by mfnboer 44 comments

Problem found. Alsa settings work fine actually.....

Reason why it stopped working after the first call: I had NAT not needed. I changed that to the static IP address, and after that there were no more audio problems...... - Oct 08 2009

Telephony by mfnboer 44 comments

I've been having trouble running Twinkle with KDE4. Using MDV 2009.1 and now on Cooker.

Problem: the first call is fine, audio works. After the first call though I often have to do a full reboot for audio to work. Otherwise, Twinkle will just go completely silent. Looking at Pulseaudio it does not recognise any outgoing audio -or in fact any incoming audio either.

Any news on Twinkle for KDE4 by any chance? - Sep 29 2009