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Nintendo Nintendo64 , United States of America
PCLinuxOS LightedGrass (bootsplash)

Bootsplash Various by acpiek 4 comments

You know what? scratch that. The new logo wont be included till .94 which is months if not a year away. Still a wonderful bootsplash and I will be using it in the official MythEdition. - Aug 05 2006
XP Royale Makeover

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jestersmurf 16 comments

Amen, Onykage! - Aug 04 2006
PCLinuxOS LigtedGrass (kdm)

KDM3 Themes by acpiek 3 comments

I said this for the bootsplash already: can u update for the new logo? This is absolutely the best KDM theme I have seen--but I need the new logo.

great work, this is absolutely beautiful. - Aug 03 2006
PCLinuxOS LightedGrass (bootsplash)

Bootsplash Various by acpiek 4 comments

I can see what I can do about that bug, but I have a question: How hard would it be for you to edit that for the new PCLOS logo? I'm in charge of the MythEdition and would like to use that as the official bootsplash. But I would need it to have the new logo. could you do it? - Aug 03 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 175 comments

I relly love the Vista buttons you put on the normal Crystal windec. Could you include them or at least show me how to add them myself? I d/led the source for the normal Crystal and have all the Vista button images--how can I add them to GL version? - Jun 05 2006
kde linux grub

Bootsplash Various by Feng 7 comments

How would I go about using this? I know how to change colors in Grub but not use images. - May 30 2006