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System Software by LandertRene 68 comments

why would a kid spend too much time watching tv,
or using the computer, or... etc?

most likely,
because it has nothing better to do...

I think it would be better to give the child something better to do,
or spend some time with him/her,
instead of trying to put restrictions on him/her...

on the other hand,
I am not a parent,
and I can't fully apriciate how difficult it can become,
some times...
- Aug 29 2008

Dolphin Service Menus by koko2k 54 comments

nice... it works... thanks... - May 19 2008
Menu improvement idea.

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stefbon 10 comments

It looks like a very good idea to me,
whether old or new... - Apr 23 2008

System Software by mkoller 105 comments


I have created a KDE4 Brainstorm entry,
relative to KBackup,
that might interest you.


It is just an idea, of course... - Apr 16 2008

Various Artwork by nknknk 2 comments

Asia: 4% out of 1680 votes

I think this is not the way it ought to be...

or check this (Korea):

or the fact that text editors don't support some major Japanese character encodings...

are we too self-centered? - Sep 22 2007
Talamone: fishing morning

Wallpaper Other by borlongioffei 1 comment

nice picture - bad quality - Sep 18 2007

Browser by Hwoarang 35 comments

It seems that Mandriva still doesn't support PyQt4,
maybe it will be shipped with Mandriva 2008. - Sep 08 2007

Browser by Hwoarang 35 comments

How do you install it?
How do you run it? - Sep 08 2007
My sister

Wallpaper Other by blendermenPL 3 comments

I give you
3 sheep
1 chicken - Aug 29 2007
AutoQ3D Community

Graphic Apps by reynaga 26 comments

I will create a software,
and make it's source code
available to anyone
...for only 1,000,000 dollars
(that's a million).

Are you out of your mind?
If you have to pay for it,
then it means that is not available to anyone,
but only to those who can or want to pay
(whatever the price). - Jul 25 2007
Original OSX style trash

Icon Sub-Sets by leadgolem 8 comments

+ How...

I installed them in KDE, in Mandriva, this way:

1. Open the "KDE control center", and see in icons what set of icons do you use,
(in my case "Crystal SVG", which I will use as an example).
2. Go to "/usr/share/icons" as root and copy "crystalsvg" folder into the desktop,
and rename it to "crystalsvg2".
3. Also edit the "index.theme" file inside that folder (change "Name=Crystal SVG" to "Name=Crystal SVG2")
4. Replace the trash icons with the new ones, but keep the old names ("trashcan_empty.png", etc)
5. Copy "crystalsvg2" back to "/usr/share/icons".
6. Close and reopen "KDE control center", and, to my surprise, "Crystal SVG2" might be there!

+ feedback:

the following sizes are needed
16x16, 22x22, 32x32,
and a scalable ".svgz" file

+ request:

versions with different colours.
(a plastic blue basket would match with the rest of the crystal icons) - May 08 2007
retro cassetes

Wallpaper Other
by starwolf

Aug 04 2009
Mar 04 2009