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Mar 14 2018
There's no easy way to do that. You need to tweak the css in gnome-shell folder.

Look for /* TOP BAR */ inside _common.scss. Add the color you want inside the #panel {} block, then run and see if it works. - Dec 07 2016
Sorry to hear about that. Do you have the same problem with the original Flat-Plat theme? - Apr 16 2016
do you use the dark theme? - Apr 14 2016
Just made a version for 3.18, but untested.

I hope it works out fine. - Apr 13 2016
I did state it on Github, but forgot to state it here, sorry, will add that soon.

I maybe able to make a version compatible with 3.18, but I won't be able to test it since all my machines are on 3.20. - Apr 13 2016
Yes this is for 3.20. Sorry for not being clear on the description.

Which version of Gnome are you currently using? - Apr 13 2016
Thanks very much. - Apr 12 2016
Thanks very much. - Apr 12 2016