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Krist Novoselic

Plasma 4 Extensions by mjmccans 397 comments

Finally, I replaced this line

"relpath = os.path.relpath(str(self.mainScript()),str(self.applet().package().path()))"


"relpath = str(self.mainScript()).replace(str(self.applet().package().path()),'')"

in file

Now, gmail-plasmoid works with Python < 2.6 - Jun 25 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by mjmccans 397 comments

Any w/a to make it to work with python 2.5 ? could I modify ths sources in an easy way ?

is there a previous release of gmail-plasmoid that works in KDE SC 4.4 and phyton 2-5 ?

Thanks - Jun 24 2010
akademy 2005. jlgarcia

Various Artwork by jlgarcia 1 comment

En el logo pone Esñapa ( al menos en el preview ).

Sin tener en cuenta eso, creo que lo más correcto es que el cartel fuese en inglés y que no hiciese referencia a Andalucía.
Más que nada porque en el exterior no tienen tanto en cuenta las regiones como aqui en España.

Tampoco pondría el color de la bandera a las letras.

Saludos - Mar 03 2005

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments


I'm from Spain.

First, my condolences for the disaster on south coast of India.

Second, congratulations for this great application.

I've got a doubt. I'm trying to dock a Kdialog window, but it seems that it does not work. For example

./kdocker kdialog --yesno "foo" 30 30

If I open a kdialog window, and run ./kdocker, and select it, appers a warning saying that it isn't "an ordinary window". If I click Ignore button, then window is iconized.

what propiertes must have a window to be used with kdocker?

A peculiar thing is that

./kdocker Xdialog --yesno "foo" 30 30

works right

Thanks and happy new year

( Sorry my poor vocabulary ) - Jan 03 2005