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yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
Tested 0.4.5 in systemray, panel and desktop widgets and everything works fine.
Thanks. - Mar 23 2013
Yes, crash fixed now.
Thanks. - Mar 21 2013
No problem with Debian-specific files now.
Thanks. - Mar 21 2013
After applying revision 571 plasma-desktop still crashes at KDE start when yaWP added in systemtray. - Mar 21 2013
I am using standard template for rpm spec file - Mar 21 2013
It crashes when KDE starting, KDE version 4.10.1.
No crash with adding to tray yaWP 0.4.3 version. - Mar 18 2013
plasma-desktop crashes after adding
yaWP to tray
So maybe makes sense to disable it in tray until tray issues will be fixed? - Mar 18 2013
Geometry issue fixed in revision 569 , thanks.

This is common practice to include in tarball files such as AUTHORS, README, COPYING, etc.
Fedora packaging guidelines requires including licenses texts but usually this made by adding those files in %doc section of rpm spec file, so no need to install those files in 'make install'.
See list of files in Fedora kde-plasma-yawp package
Now I need additionally modify spec file with command removing installed Debian-specific files. - Mar 18 2013
Real problem in 0.4.4 is desktop widget geometry not saved after KDE restart. - Mar 17 2013
Thanks for new release.
All files installed in /usr/share/doc/plasma-applet-yawp/ are Debian-specific and should not be installed from CMakeLists.txt, they are installed at packaging time. - Mar 17 2013
User confirmed that patch fixes refresh after hibernate. - Mar 01 2013
Are changes in yawp_0.4.3-patches/themes dir related with hibernation?
If don't then patch looks like this: - Feb 28 2013
Maybe better to test patch first. Most of 562 changes can be applied to 0.4.3 but I don't know what part of them related with hibernating. - Feb 28 2013
I tried to backport 562 changeset to yawp-0.4.3 but it was too large for backporting.
Can you please provide hibernate-related changes that can be applied to 0.4.3 for testing? - Feb 26 2013
I can't reproduce (don't use hibernate), the only I can is copy bug reporter comments here:

Yes, I'm using hibernate on linux. This used to work fine in Fedora 15.

Today I've waited over 6 hours and it still hasn't refreshed.

Both the LCD Weather Station and the Weather Forecast widget appear to refresh themselves properly after a hibernate.

What logfile is desired here? - Feb 13 2013
Is this issue with refresh after hibernation known? - Jan 29 2013
When I tried to backport r495 to 0.4.0 I got error "streamlogger.cpp:64:38: fatal error: streamlogger_definitions.h: No such file or directory", so I build it without changes in CMakeLists.txt. - Nov 20 2011
Looks like Apply button works as expected. - Nov 20 2011
"Open forecast URL" in r495 opens Opera browser here but KDE default browser is Konqueror. For opened just site instead of selected city forecast. If don't have valid URL then "Open forecast URL" maybe should be disabled as for google or envcan.
Also I noticed that when city just added in settings "Open forecast URL" is inactive until I switch to other city and switch back. But after KDE restart "Open forecast URL" is active. - Nov 20 2011
Geotry saved in r495, even if city not selected. - Nov 20 2011
Is 0.4.1 with fixed problems of 0.4.0 will be released soon? - Nov 19 2011
Now geometry saved exactly if city selected.
If widget just added and resized geometry is not saved if no city selected. But maybe this is not very important because no sense to have widget without city selected. - Nov 17 2011

There are still problems with saving geometry.
The size of widget is slightly differs after re-login (looks like some kind of alignment).
If city is not set then geometry not saved. - Nov 17 2011
r485 looks good now.
Thanks. - Nov 16 2011
There is other problem with r484 - when widget just added it looks like zero-sized.
But geometry is saved after I change it size and re-login. - Nov 16 2011
The yawp applet show up with it's initial size after log in, though a different geometry was set at previous log out.

See bug - Nov 16 2011
It would be nice to have link to site with current city weather forecast in widget context menu. - Nov 13 2011
Apply button is always inactive after changes made in 0.4.0 settings. - Nov 13 2011
yaWP widget not updated after changes in unit settings.
For example after I changed temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and applied changes temperature displayed in Fahrenheit. I need to refresh it manually then temperature will be displayed in Celsius.
Is it possible to do autorefresh after changes in unit settings? - Dec 13 2010
I mean that missing temperature after sunset/sunrise was fixed in revision 421. - Jul 24 2010
Here weather-data.xml: - Jul 21 2010
>> Current weather disappears immediately
>> after sunset/sunrise.
>> Need wait for next update to see
>> current weather or update manually.
>> May be after sunset/sunrise should be
>> aotoupdate?
>Should be fixed with revision 421.
>But we might interpret too many data we >receive from providers...

I tested r421 with accuweather.
If I understand correctly now weather icon changes from day to night when there is time for next update instead of time of sunset. This fixes missing weather conditions issue.

Today I noticed other issue with pressure on accuweather - it was something like -25345 torr (the same was on site). At this time pressure returned by accuweather was unavailable:

<pressure state="Unavailable">-999</pressure>

May be yaWP should check returned data and not display it if it is wrong? - Jul 21 2010
I found it :) (it was in 0.3.2).
Current weather disappears immediately after sunset/sunrise.
Need wait for next update to see current weather or update manually.
May be after sunset/sunrise should be aotoupdate? - Jun 21 2010
Ok. Then all works fine in r413.
Are you going to make bugfix release with last fixes?
- Jun 20 2010
All ions are working in r413.

But some other issues in wettercom and envcan (locale doesn't matter).
wettercom not shows current weather conditions:

envcan not shows low temperature in first day in forecast: - Jun 19 2010
Logs for not working ions in r412

Logs for working ions - Jun 18 2010
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
www_gismeteo_com.xml from 1.5.10 almost working except wind direction (wind fine with 1.5.5). - Mar 02 2012
Now both 1.5.5 and 1.5.11 are not working. - Mar 02 2012 - Feb 29 2012
gismeteo does not work for me in 1.5.11. No current and forecast temperatures shown.
1.5.5 works fine after downgrading. - Feb 29 2012
Thanks for fixing this.
Now I noticed yet another empty icon with gismeteo for n.moon.c3.r3 - Mar 15 2011
I saw this too when no update time available on gismeteo site - Mar 07 2011
Now the same problem appeared with n.moon.c2.s2 - Mar 06 2011
Why you are using ~/.cwp for saving data instead of ~/.kde/share/apps/cwp as in other KDE apps and ~/.kde/share/config for configs? - Feb 26 2011
Icons are shown after I added this.
Thank you. - Feb 26 2011
Thank you.
I will try that when d.sun.c2.s2 from meteo service appeared again (now all icons shown). - Feb 26 2011
Forgot to tell that cwp is 1.4.0, KDE 4.6.0, meteo service - Feb 25 2011
Weather icon not shown if data_current_icon_code (orig): "d.sun.c2.s2"

KDE native icons used. - Feb 25 2011

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Jul 25 2010

I saw that there was 1.1 and 1.2 branches in git but they are not released.
Is there any plans to make new release soon? - Apr 10 2011

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Dec 03 2010

Could you you please make button for clearing input field as in arora browser? - Dec 03 2010

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