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yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
Please see this logs for the problematic ions in r411: - Jun 17 2010
Nothing changed in r411.
accuweather, wunderground, bbcukmet, envcan works fine but google, wettercom, noaa not works. - Jun 16 2010
After installation of r410 I started new KDE session.
System locale ru_RU.UTF8.

When I run in terminal 'plasmoidviewer yaWP' it uses system locale ru_RU.UTF8.
google, noaa and wettercom fails with ru_RU.UTF8:

Then I run 'LANG=C plasmoidviewer yaWP' and all weather services are working: - Jun 16 2010
Similar problems with wettercom (shows only city name) and noaa (shows only current temperature, no forecast, no low and high temperature) in r410 but they are working in r406. - Jun 16 2010
accuweather and wundergraund works in r410 but google weather is broken - it shows only current temperature, no weather forecast, no low and high temperature. - Jun 16 2010
I tested wundergraund with Russian locale - it works for Karkiv in r409 but accuweather and googleweather didn't work. In r406 accuweather and googleweather works fine. - Jun 15 2010
Hi mkyral,

In r409 accuweather and google weather became not working with LANG=ru_RU.UTF8.

Can't test wunderground because looks like it not working at all at this moment. - Jun 15 2010
I have applied to yawp-0.3.3 changes from svn

But result the same.

With LANG=ru_RU.UTF8 weather not shown, log after running plasmoidtest:
Only "Kharkiv, Ukraine" shown.

And with LANG=C weather shown, plasmoidtest log: - Jun 13 2010
With LANG=C plasmoid shows weather in "Kharkiv, Ukraine".

But when LANG=ru_RU.UTF8 there is only "Kharkiv, Украина" shown on plasmoid. - Jun 13 2010
I didn't tried to rebuild yaWP yet but I found that weather is shown if I run

'LANG=C plasmoidviewer yaWP'

and then setup Kharkiv with wunderground (timezone Europe/Kiev)

But if I run with my locale

'LANG=ru_RU.UTF8 plasmoidviewer yaWP'

then weather is not shown. - Jun 13 2010
Thanks for update.
In 0.3.3 fixed some decoration issues with Qt 4.6.

And thanks for showing of of pressure in Torr's.
Looks like there is mistake in Torr description - "Inches HG" but should be millimeter HG:

New wunderground service shows nothing for Kharkiv.
- Jun 12 2010
So, crash appears when adding city at the time when accuweather have this problem. - Dec 29 2009
Today I have noticed the same problem again.
But I didn't do any changes in KDE and yaWP configuration.
After some time of work yaWP looks so:

After switching to weather map I can't switch even to details.
- Dec 29 2009
It was very strange crash because all plasma works strange after I have switched from "Desktop view" to "Folder view".
After some time I have noticed that yaWP not displays current temperature, icon and only details was shown.
Then I have removed yaWP and add it again and then plasma crashed after I have tried to add city Kharkiv. - Dec 28 2009
I can't reproduce this crash.
It works fine for me before.
I am using KDE 4.3.4, Qt 4.5.3. - Dec 28 2009
Can anyone confirm this issue? - Dec 28 2009
Plasma crashed when I have tried to add city in yaWP 0.3.2.
- Dec 28 2009
yaWP not listed in any categories of widgets in KDE 4.4 with exception of "All widgets". I think it should be with "Online services".
When yaWP added in tray then it not listed even in "Running" widgets. - Dec 26 2009
In yaWP 0.3.2 immediately after sunset when changed weather icon opacity current weather conditions are not displayed but after next update they are displayed again. - Dec 23 2009
I have found "Torr" Pressure in converter.h from your link. Looks like it is the same as mmHg. - Dec 08 2009
Thanks. Found it now.
Is it possible to add displaying of pressure not only in "Inches HG" but also in "Millimetres HG"?
And by the way, for me pressure is more important than humidity that displayed in current weather conditions at the top. - Dec 07 2009
I can see pressure in configuration dialog, in data from accuweather but can't find where pressure displayed.

yaWP 0.3.2 not crashes after adding it both on desktop and panel and no need to resize last update column. - Dec 06 2009
Plasma crashes if at first I add yaWP on desktop, then add it on panel and remove from panel and then try to configure yaWP on desktop.

yaWP 0.3.1
KDE 4.3.3 - Dec 05 2009
Thank you for your explanation.

But I did not understand what mean different wind speed that still displayed after switching state of the day. Is it current speed? - Dec 05 2009
Flags for KDE in Fedora can be installed with command

su -c 'yum install kdebase-runtime-flags' - Dec 05 2009
This screenshots was made at 13:26

this at 16:43

If I want to see last update
I need all times resize last column in this dialog because it too small. - Dec 05 2009
But I am not sure about how day and night are shown. - Dec 04 2009
What I can see:

And it looks like night icon is shown for day and day icon for night. - Dec 04 2009
Daily temperature and humidity are not shown with accuweather in yaWP 0.3.1.
For night they are shown. - Dec 04 2009
What do you mean?
Is yawp 0.3.1 have bug too? - Dec 04 2009
0.3.1 works fine with accuweather.
Thanks. - Dec 04 2009
The same here with accuweather for Kharkiv. Only two days shown.
I have updated yawp from 0.2.3 to 0.3.0. - Dec 03 2009
Socket Sentry

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Aug 01 2010
I have made Fedora rpm:

But there is error message when starting service messagebus:

'Unknown group "socketsentry" in message bus configuration file'
- Apr 06 2010
Notifications for Pidgin

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Jan 24 2010
No more such black notifications in KDE 4.4.

libnotify notifications in KDE 4.4 are displayed as KDE notifications. - Jan 24 2010

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Jan 14 2011
And application icon is not installed. - Dec 15 2009
1. Tarball contains directory build-5.0 instead of kchmviewer-5.0.
2. Application options are saved but not used at next start. - Dec 15 2009

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Feb 07 2017
Is command-line mode was removed in 3.1.0 version?
symlink klatexformula_cmdl works like klatexformula. - Nov 18 2009
KLatexFormula can be installed now in Fedora 9, 10, 11 with yum:

yum install klatexformula
- May 09 2009

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Aug 20 2015
KNemo 0.6.0 beta1 can be tested in Fedora 10, 11, 12 with installing or updating knemo package from updates-testing repository.

su -c 'yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install knemo'

su -c 'yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update knemo'
- Nov 06 2009
KNemo now can be installed in Fedora 9 and 10 from updates repository via yum install knemo. - Mar 18 2009
Latest KNemo builds from git for Fedora 10 on Fedora Forum. - Mar 10 2009
Thanks. Event notification works now.
But what about saving window positions?
Patch "Fix the config dialog so it preserves our new position and size settings" fixes only saving of configuration window position, but window with interface information, plotter and statistics windows are still goes to the screen bottom after several opening and closing. - Mar 08 2009
Is event notification works?
There are absent any event in configuration dialog: - Mar 07 2009

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by apol
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Dec 09 2010
Kamoso 1.0.5 not crashes now. Thanks.

But what about invalid cz loacle and soname in /usr/lib/ ? - Oct 24 2009
1.0.4 crashes for me too - Oct 16 2009
This crash is for kamoso 1.0.3 - Oct 14 2009
kamoso crashes in KDE 4.3.2 with qt 4.5.2: - Oct 14 2009
Can you please fix this rpmlint errors?

kamoso.i586: E: incorrect-locale-cs /usr/share/locale/cz/LC_MESSAGES/

kamoso.i586: E: invalid-soname /usr/lib/

The soname of the library is neither of the form lib<libname>.so.<major> or lib<libname>-<major>.so. - Oct 14 2009

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Jul 15 2018
Good job. Thanks.

Can you change icons names from texmaker to texmakerx
and translations texmaker_*.qm to texmakerx_*.qm ?
- May 10 2009

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Jul 30 2010
KCometen4 can be installed now in Fedora 9 and 10 with yum:

yum install kcometen4 - Apr 22 2009

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