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by oisch
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Jul 22 2005
Well, "using a scaled version of straigt from the composite" doesn't make sense. Composite only gives access to the backing pixmaps of windows "as they are". So the problem is that we still need to scale the pixmap, which can not be done as fast as we would need it for videos, etc. What we would need here is hardware accelerated XRender (which is the X thing for doing 2D transformations with pixmaps). This is definately about to come some time soon. I'm very unhappy with how Komposé performs currently, but I also have high hopes for the next XOrg release and if it all works out we may soon have the same cool stuff available on X as MacOS has on Quartz. A man can dream, can't he? - Sep 23 2005
The bg is from It's categorized under hdtv and there are some more mario bros/mega man bgs. - Jul 24 2005
Yeah, that's definately a problem (strange that nobody ever discovered this before). I'll put it on my list for the next version. And about Komposé in 3.5. This will not happen. I still don't think that it belongs in KDE in it's current state. However I'm working on a much better implementation for KDE4. - Jul 23 2005
Most likely this is a Composite bug. Not really related to kompos - Oct 20 2004
Your imlib2 is missing! - Oct 20 2004
I wonder why everyone thinks Composite will make it faster.
To be honest: It will most likely be slower, depending on your gfx driver.

I'll release a beta in the next days... - Oct 10 2004
Well I may have answered the 100th performance question today, so I should really write a FAQ.

When it comes to drawing operations, scaling and screenshot taking I believe that Kompos - Sep 06 2004
For the daemon stuff:
You can do that. run kompos - Aug 23 2004
I have already thought about the same thing. Bringing an app to front in kompos - Aug 08 2004
Sounds good. This will be the way I'll implement it in 0.4 - Aug 08 2004
"option to not show empty virtual desktop"
I've implemented this yesterdays. empty virtual desks are now shown "minimized" quite cool stuff ;) - Aug 05 2004
I haven't yet decided about the best way to implement your suggestions.
You're right. Kompos - Aug 02 2004
I use qt 3.3, but 3.2 should also work. I don't think that the problem is your qt version. Maybe the qt libs cannot be found. be sure that configure reports everything ok - Aug 02 2004
the new XServer extensions are a better way to take screenshots and I'll include them once they're available in xorg.
But I think he is talking about not using screenshots but the XServer to show the windows, nevetheless I don't really understand what is meant by that. The XServer cannot show scaled windows that are operable like normal windows.
Maybe you could make your point clearer. - Aug 01 2004
Some basic key navigation is already included. Use the tab key to select the task and press enter/space to activate it.
Better support and configurable keys for every action should com in the next version. - Aug 01 2004
A Gentoo ebuild is available at - Aug 01 2004
just remove all occurences of -lGLU and -lGL in the automake files.
find those with grep -r lGL * - Jul 19 2004
crashes should be gone with the new release - Jul 19 2004
I've experimented with opengl, but it took rather long to initialise the gl context, nevetheless I'll probably go back to it.
I'm planning to allow both options as not everybody has a opengl compatible display driver. - Jul 15 2004
I'm planning to put it in the systray, and assign a shortcut to it... wait for the next release :) - Jul 15 2004
I've been experimnting with Qt's QGLWidget to do the drawing, it worked quite nice, but somehow startup took much longer (probably it's the opengl-initialising stuff that takes so long).
Nevertheless I'm thinking of going back to opengl as it still may be faster than the current solution.

I plan to allow both ways for people who have no GLX extesions. - Jul 15 2004

Graphic Apps 56 comments

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Aug 18 2010
I like it. However I may still prefer using digikam with it's flickr export plugin for uploading. Maybe you could join forces with digikam? The overview of all flickr images is really a nice thing, that I miss alot in digikam. - Sep 21 2005

Various Stuff 76 comments

by oisch
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Jul 22 2005
never knew of that feature before. I'll look into it! (and fix the bug while I'm at it :)) - Sep 06 2005
what you want is plasma: - Jul 21 2005
You mean the screenshots are not up2date?
Please read the FAQ on the komposé website which should give you some information about the problems and solutions to this aka COMPOSITE. - Apr 17 2005
please spread the word that Komposé has Composite support. Enable it in the prefs dialog. (I happen to be asked that question all the time)

However composite implementation in most gfx drivers is still very poor and slow - Feb 20 2005
I guess that would require a completly different X architechture - Dec 22 2004
I once took a look at the code when it was in a very early development phase. The code looked suspiciously similar to mine :)
So I believe it won't be too hard to work together, however I guess XComposite will make all this screenshot stuff become a thing of the past, soon.
So I won't put much effort in something that will be deprecated in some month.
sorry :) - Oct 13 2004
An icon should exist under utilities in the K Menu. - Aug 24 2004
Check if an "imlib2-config" binary exists on your system. It's used by the Kompos - Aug 24 2004
This is one drawback of "passive screenshots". Whenever an app receives focus a screenshot is created.
The screenshot is in Xserver's pixmap format and therefore very small and fast, but nevertheless it may be noticeable on slower systems. You can still switch this fonction off.

I can however only fix it once the new XServer extensions become mainstream and screenshots of hidden windows can be created via XComposite. - Aug 23 2004
hm I just added a comment about the mandrake rpms... didn't know that it would be "updated" when I only change that - Aug 03 2004
You're right. These features will be in the next release. Keyboard support right now is only rudimentary, I just hacked it today. - Aug 01 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 156 comments

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Jul 03 2008
continue the great work on this. With korganizer integrated, this thing would be dynamite :) - Aug 24 2005
Focus through transparent windows

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

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Jul 28 2005
well, you could start looking at kdebase/kwin/kompmgr, but it's not really the most beautiful code and it's one bin plain C file. The thing you want to implement is interesting, however it may be a bit tricky. With kompmgr you can only control the displaying of windows on the screen. What you want is also to redirect X Events so that they are received by different windows than the "on top" window. I doubt that it van be done without extensive X knowledge, but somebody please correct me ;) - Jul 28 2005
karmack for Gentoo Linux

System Software 2 comments

by Lenz
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Jul 21 2005
is what it's called on WindowMaker and gkrellm. Cool to see this one as a kicker applet. - Jul 21 2005
amaroK Super-sonic Wolf

Icon Sub-Sets 5 comments

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May 31 2005
would love to see that as the new default icon - May 31 2005

Kopete Styles 40 comments

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May 21 2005
Using 3.4, too.
But v0.4.1 works great now :) - Apr 30 2005
I really like it. Great work.
However the new style is shown as html code whereas the single style gets interpreted correctly. - Apr 30 2005
New KDE Taskbar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Apr 15 2005
Yeah, a rounded kicker would look nice as long as it doesn't take up the whole desktop width.
Creating shaped windows should be much easier, soon due to some advancements on the X Server and also qt4. - Apr 16 2005
Clean (Kopete Chat Style)

Kopete Styles 26 comments

by Roze
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Apr 12 2005
hope that it becomes default! - Apr 12 2005
iPod Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 5 comments

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Apr 29 2005
Karl Lagerfeld can finally have distinct Icons for his 70 icons.

No, seriously: I've been looking for this for some time. - Mar 25 2005

Network 15 comments

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Dec 30 2004
I haven't tried it yet, but what comes to my mind is the huge diversity of wlan implementations considering the different drivers, userspace scripts and distribution dependant rc-scripts.

Gentoo has a very good wlan script that allows easy configuration and fullfills nearly all needs (it's currently unstable). Other distributors have different solutions.

So my point is: it will be fairly easy to scan for access points through iwlist, etc, but how do you want to save the configuration the user selects? By dealing with distribution specific implementations or by creating your own interface for this.

Imho none of these is a clean solution, but I don't expect the distributors to agree on a standardised way for their configurations (I don't know when LSB will be reality).

I really like the idea of this but I doubt that it will fit perfectly into existing distributions. - Dec 27 2004
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

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Oct 01 2010
I like all your suggestions :)
However one thing is missing: Use KCursor instead of QCursor to get the nice hand-cursor and support themed cursors. - Sep 29 2004
The newest beta is not available through the download link.
Please fix it, cause I'm really interested in the improvements :) - Sep 29 2004
Thanks for the new alpha. It's already very usefull.
Basket replaced my old notes.txt file once and for all :)

Keep it up! - Aug 10 2004

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
amarok is absolutely the best media player I've ever seen. beta1 and beta2 added so many great features.

Rock on :)! - Sep 13 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 223 comments

by ipv4
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Aug 16 2004
I just tried kooldock after I have been messing around with kxdocker, which has some good ideas, but is far from stable, whereas kooldock is much less beta.
The only thing missing is a plugin interface (like kxdocker agein :) ), but I see that's already on your TODO.

Continue the great work! - May 22 2004