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Bill Prout , Japan

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by irbis
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Apr 16 2008
Yes - Ditto - Nov 19 2011
Keyboard Status Applet

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Nov 10 2009
Nevermind...relogin to KDE corrected the indicator icon oversize problem. - Jul 09 2010
Agree - the default setup takes up a lot of panel space and removing unneeded indicators causes the remaining ones to unlarge to the point where the label/icon is hidden under the bottom of the monitor.
Sigh... - Feb 26 2010
M.O.V.E. (My Own Video Encoder)

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Dec 15 2009
Sorry that you won't be moving MOVE to KDE4, but I understand. I still do use KDE 3 for now, but once MEPIS releases their stable KDE 4 (it is in BETA now) I'll start using KDE 4. But I'll probably keep an OLD MEPIS KDE 3 partition around just to use MOVE.

Thanks again for all the work you did. Made my life with Meizu pretty easy.
Cheers - Dec 18 2009
Thank you - your answers do help me understand all this.

About the vertical: The settings file TVClipsOnMeizuEarphone.ntc I download from your site doesn't seem to have a check in the "Vertical orientation" checkbox. So that explains why the output (using KMplayer or something after encoding) it wasn't vertical. I changed it though and I am experimenting with the far not too bad. ;)

Cheers - Mar 20 2009
Thank you sir. I got the file and I am testing out some videos. My audio delay is around -0.1 or less.
Two questions:
1) why would my audio delay be so different from yours, at least on this particular TV show DVD I'm ripping.
2) why is the MZ encoded video NOT rotated 90deg when I test it on the PC? The other versions/apps of your software did that as I remember. Plus I read somewhere rotating it reduces processor overhead on the meizu.

Thanks again! - Mar 19 2009
Hi, Using 1r0.3 on MEPIS 8.

The notes files (english) talks about "In this package under SettingsFiles directory, you'll find three settings file samples that you can load and change :
- TVClipsOnMeizuEarphone.ntc which is intended to give you the best settings for listening video clips recorded from DVB and listened with original Meizu Earphones..."

I can't find that folder. parm/BasicSettings.ntc is the only .ntc file.

I'm trying to get videos converted for my meizu m6.

Thanks! - Mar 18 2009

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Mar 28 2014
It is on MEPIS. I sent you screenshots.
Thanks! - Mar 28 2009
SeaJay, You are not the only one.
I also get this CRITICAL error about destination directory is empty or does not exist.
After confirming it did exist, I ignored it and it does seem to backup fine anyway, but I also get the error on subsequent backups too, which is weird.
- Mar 23 2009

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Nov 07 2006
I know v0.4.0 fixed the backup every hour bug and mine has worked fine for about 4 months, but one day about a week ago, my one backup directory that is set for every day, started being backed up every hour according to the view log.
I'm not sure what happened on that day to start the hourly backups

My other directories set for 2-5 days between backups do NOT back every hour. - They work fine.

Any Ideas?

- Mar 29 2008
I don't know for sure because I havn't tried... but try going to KDE Control Center >>> KDE Components >>> Session Manager >>> uncheck the "keep daemon" box. - Mar 29 2008
I too have the same back period problem: 1 hour no matter what it is set for. I don't have the freeze issue though - Mar 26 2006

by marcomaniac

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Aug 08 2010

System Software
by luckyb

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Mar 23 2009
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Mar 18 2009