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Grzesiek Dudek Krak√≥w, Poland

Full Icon Themes 59 comments

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Jul 28 2013
Downloaded new archive and now everything seems to work just fine. Even the command I had problems with (I probably misspelled it, though I tried couple times... :/).
Once again thanks a lot for your great work :) - Aug 17 2011
I'm using PCLinuxOS distro.
1. 'kde4-config' alone does nothing that I can see, 'kde4-cofig --prefix' and 'kde4-cofig --localprefix' all work - they move me to proper directory (/usr and ~/.kde4 accordingly). It's the 'cd' before them (in the installation description) that gives error "unknown file or directory"

2. I've downloaded the archive from "" page (first source from this site) - right top corner of the age, 26,7 MB zip file with "kAwOken" folder and "clear" and "extra" subfolders, all the scripts and instruction in pdf format.

3. I tried to install it with System settings from KDE (default tool to install all kind of themes, icon sets etc.). I don't even know if there is another way except directly extracting archive to proper folder* (which I did since first method didn't work). Why the default method don't work is beyond me unfortunately :/

*proper folder for icon set is '~/.kde4/share/icons' and not '~/.icons' as pdf file suggests (I think it was meant for Gnome though) - Aug 13 2011
I really like this theme. Keep up the great work.

But there is an error in your instruction of how to install this theme. Your Quick Installation Instruction says:
"1. Download the archive from this page (top-right button) and install the theme as usual (with proper KDE tool)"
Well proper KDE tool doesn't recognize the package as a correct icon set. The archive have to be extracted to '~/.kde4/share/icons' directory in order to work.

Then "cd `kde4-config --localprefix`" command does nothing (at least in my distro). Later commands should be executed in the folder I gave above. - Aug 11 2011
Elementary Xfce

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 3 comments

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Mar 31 2010
At first I thought about adding icons to the buttons, like 'x' for close button, '+' for maximize, '-' for minimize. But then I thought that pressed button would look better if it had 'pressed' effect. I mean - it could seem to move a bit inward window bar. With the buttons like in your theme it would be only a matter of adding right shadow to non-pressed button instead of darkening the whole button. - Apr 03 2010
I really like this theme (and I'm using something very similar at the moment) but I would work a bit on pressed buttons. They don't seem to fit this theme right. Maybe some different effect would be better, maybe adding some icon instead of darkening the buttons would make a better effect?

PS. What GTK theme are you using? It fits window decoration perfectly :) - Apr 01 2010
GT4 Black

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 5 comments

by Otaq
Score 53.3%
Sep 13 2009
I've found it somewhere on the web but can't remember where :P

Here's a link if you like it :) - Oct 21 2009
It's Glass Icons: - Sep 14 2009

Cursors 1 comment

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Feb 04 2009
Nice and detailed work. But don't you think that cursors are a *bit* big? ;)
Also I think that busy cursor would be much better if the flail is spinning (just an idea) :D - Feb 05 2009

Plasma Themes
by marcotangaro

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9   Aug 19 2011

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

Score 77.9%
9   Aug 11 2011