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Oct 28 2012
It's Ubuntu 12.04, so I guess it's 3.4 - Nov 01 2012

I enjoy this theme, thanks for making it

Noticed small issue with Abiword, you can see it here:

Thanks - Oct 31 2012
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
Hi again ;)

I hope you find useful issue reports, and in that manner I post another potential issue:

System file open dialog for GTK2 applications has inverted strip (what I mean:
GTK3 file open dialog is as expected white/blue strip instead gray/blue as shown above

Cheers - May 21 2012
Ah OK, I'm using SL version so that's why I didn't noticed...

Thanks for quick fix! :) - May 21 2012
...white color for *selection* backround...

which is almost the same as backround color of this input box - May 21 2012
Thanks for supporting this great theme :)

In Nautilus, Location action (Ctrl+L) focuses "address-bar", and has white color for background, which is hard (almost impossible) to notice
I'm using latest (1.4.2) version on Ubuntu and this was also present in previous version

BTW, I couldn't find any info in readme.txt about new tabs options?
Not that I'm not happy with current, just curious

Thanks again for this beautifully designed theme

Cheers - May 21 2012
Oxygen Gtk

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Oct 23 2014
OK, I had to restart session to notice issues. I guess some gtk3 settings were cached by previous Ambiance theme

Bug reported: - Apr 28 2012
Hm, no issues for reporting...

Prior to planned report, I removed oxygen-gtk related files and using git downloaded and build fresh packages, afterwhich changing theme to oxygen-gtk shows it in all glory - looks great! (except Unity panel, which has gtk widget color for background, but that's no so important)

I must suspect that issue is with launchpad 1.0.2 packages, as that's waht I used previously. I tried to build latest version just after installing 12.04, but lot of dependencies were needed so I used ready package from Ubuntu repository. Also to back that this is not accident, I asked on about font issue and one user reported same experiance - white font on light background. That should be reported on Launchpad I guess
- Apr 28 2012
Sorry for late reply...

You are right about gtk3 tab height. It's "condensed" on any theme. I'll report my issues asap - Apr 28 2012
I installed both gtk2 and gtk3 on Ubutnu 12.04.
This is first time I needed gtk3 version, but seems like gtk3 version should ship with gtk2 also, as I don't think anyone can use just gtk3, but nevermind...

I had expected problem with Unity panel, then with white font color on all widgets. For that reason I included default theme (Amdiance) gtk.css in oxygen gtk.css and additionally changed fg color in kdeglobals file. It looks nice, but I think I'll need to tweak more Ambiance included settings to get it perfect, and I hate it because I don't want to understand those 10000 lines css settings.

Now I thought to ask why are tabs so small. In gtk2 version they were IMHO great, but now they are condensed. Is there any setting I can change tabs height? - Apr 27 2012
I read title page of this topic more carefully and there are instructions.
Sorry but it seems I can't delete my comment - Feb 12 2012
Hugo, I found some issues I would like to address, but the link you provided for bugs/problems is kde home page. Is there some proper place to report issues?

Namely, I have issues with tabs misbehaviour in certain situations and problem with context menu roll (context menu when there are lot of choices and there up and down browse arrows) - Feb 12 2012
Check this perfect match (emerald window decoration):

Theme: - Feb 12 2012
Some applications look like patchworked because of oxygen-gtk gradient (which BTW is superb) and I would appreciate if there is a way to disable gradient

i.e. SciTE has "strip" find/replace dialog which pops at bottom, and inputbox part is colored as statusbar (which is darker then menu or toolbar) but has toolbar icons on right side with background that is lighter (as regular toolbar) so it doesn't look good

Also Meld (file compare tool) doesn't look good because of this gradient.

I can provide screen-shots if my explanation is not clear
- Feb 11 2012
I flattened controls a little:

made by image provided here:

Obviously hover buttons are missing, only focused and unfocused buttons are here: if anyone is interested at all

Cheers - Feb 05 2012
Thanks for your effort :)

It looks nice. It's similar to kde42 theme I tried, but slightly better :)
I reduced borders to minimum - 2:

Maybe controls are bit more beveled for my taste, but I think I'll stay with this instead Equinox

Thanks again ^_^ - Feb 05 2012
Of course, it doesn't have to be kde rip, but to fit nice

Also some I tried add fat border around GUI windows which makes them unusable IMHO - Feb 05 2012
Thanks for suggesting

That is nicely done, except for window controls which I don't fancy

I already tried it and it fits fine except above - Feb 05 2012
That probably looks fine

I don't understand why there is no *decent* gtk port to kde window decoration. Everything I checked is lame

It doesn't stop me from enjoying this work, thou, but it would round it as perfect - Feb 05 2012
That would be different story :) - Feb 05 2012
Don't know about others, but default Ubuntu Ambience window border looks dirty on this theme

I spent hours looking for window decoration match but none found

Now I use Equinox Evolution Dusk window border, but still not satisfied

I wish some designer make proper window borders for this piece of art - Feb 05 2012
Thanks for your help :)

It was recent installed font issue, which messed things up on multiple places as reported

You don't wanna know where all I've been until I figured that out - Feb 05 2012
this was comment to condensed rows issue - Feb 04 2012
It's not oxygen-gtk issue, sorry for misleading :(

I removed oxygen-gtk (as I installed it with checkinstall) and this issue is still present

I'll investigate further what could be cause - Feb 04 2012
I think that also Nautilus side panel (places pane) is condensed:

It might be placebo, but I don't remember it was condensed like this

I also think Eclipse is condensed :) and don't have other GUI editors to check - Feb 03 2012
Thanks for your fast reply and consideration.

It's latest SciTE text editor which I build from source, but it's same with any Scintilla editor like Geany i.e.

I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 with gtk 2 using latest to date oxygen-gtk

I have selected default Ubuntu Ambience theme, then changed controls to oxygen-gtk
Everything looks great except this issue - Feb 03 2012

this is second time I install this theme, but now have slight problem (IIRC it wasn't present in some of previous version)

Luckily I can explain with image comparison, as I recently uploaded screenshot elsewhere (screenshot on left) and provide new screenshot from same editor with oxygen theme (right screenshot), on this image:

As can be seen vertical spacing (rows) are too condensed, and I would like previous state. I imagine some gtkrc setting needs to be changed, but don't know which

Thanks - Feb 03 2012
I found that I can uninstall from Synaptic Manager

I will report if I experience above issue again, in case it's not related to this theme

Cheers - Jul 13 2011
I have some issues, like GUI objects starts flickering then degrading until system restarts by itself. I'm on Debian.

So I want to temporarily remove this theme to see if this issue will come again, as this is third time it happened in a middle of working environment (couple of programs opened with documents data lost)

Thanks - Jul 13 2011
thanks for you reply

it's clear now :)

cheers - Jul 11 2011
Excellent work!
Thanks for making it

One thing I miss is window border. Controls are changed and everything is slick, but for window border I have to choose one of my available themes, and there is no one like in screenshot (KDE).

Compilation went fine, with latest git code
I'm on Debian 6.0.2

Maybe that's the way it should be, but can't tell from 'documentation' provided

Thanks and cheers - Jul 10 2011

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Dec 27 2010
I use MPD and thought to give it a try after I accidentally found this package.

On Ubuntu 11.04 I had to:

1. copy /usr/local/share/pixmaps/mpdBrowser_empy.png
to ~/.local/share/mpdBrowser/empty.png

2. Google for some version that has _docommand function call
BTW if there, you can compare that version with current version. Great design decisions, everything changed

3. If you want to run mpdBrowser more then once in a session, than you should delete one file from /tmp/ folder as easiest solution

After that program runs fine.

Like almost everything in Linux - you can't get anything right if you don't get your hands dirty. Someone should remove this outdated package, to save other users time and frustration

Cheers - Nov 18 2011

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Jul 10 2019
doesn't work don't bother - Nov 16 2011
Gnome Chemistry Utils

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Mar 28 2016
On Ubuntu 11.04 it fails to configure:

configure: error: Package requirements (openbabel-2.0 >= 2.1.0) were not met:

No package 'openbabel-2.0' found

although I have package "openbabel" 2.2.3 - Nov 16 2011
On Ubuntu 11.04 it fails to configure:

configure: error: Package requirements (openbabel-2.0 >= 2.1.0) were not met:

No package 'openbabel-2.0' found

although I have package "openbabel" 2.2.3 - Nov 16 2011
Gnome Cupertino

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May 21 2012
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Feb 05 2012