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Chat & Messenging

Chat & Messenging 25 comments

by Ower
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May 01 2008
i cannot test qchat on vista but it's strange that only vista-linux does not works.
try to change protocol version to old in settings and then try to transfer again. - May 02 2008
i have made warning about possible problems in server mode :) server mode is in very alfa state at the moment.

how many users was connected to qchat-server and how much time was gone before lags appeared?
and did you send large files in server mode? - May 02 2008
Нет, я в ДонНУ учусь - Nov 23 2007
I think, serverless chat and broadcast chat are almost synonyms. Here we must choose betwen lesser network loading(if using non broadcast serverless technology) or convenience of using, so serverless part of qchat still will be use broadcast.. but if there is a problem of high broadcast traffic, using of qchat-server will be a good choice(but I didn't started working on it yet:) maybe next week will start)
About encryption I will think later, maybe after New Year, so at the moment I can only say that encryption will be :) - Oct 16 2007
thanks for yuor comment

1. when i compiled qchat on winXP GetTickCount64 worked.. but GetTickCount not so bad. it allows getting correct information about uptime up to 49 days.. i think it is enough for desktop :)

2. Translation files must be in settings dir($HOME/.qchat)(both win and lin) or in /usr/share/qchat/translations or in /usr/local/share/qchat/translations on linux

3. "- no message on hiding in system tray first time (as in kde-style)"
yes it may be useful if user do not expect that app hiding in tray.. i will add this in next version

4. Серверная функционалтьность еще не готова, чтобы думать о публичном сервере. Да и задумывался qchat как чат для локалки.. Но тем не менее все может быть) - Sep 14 2007
1. yes qchat use its own protocol
2. no i do not expect qchat's protocol will be adopted by other apps - Aug 28 2007
yes this feature is planned for future releases. - Aug 26 2007