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Anne O'neam Grenoble, France
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Full Icon Themes 215 comments

Score 88.2%
Oct 27 2019
I'm not sure, where is the document-open icon used? I don't remember. - Oct 27 2019
The icons should be included in the new version, tell me if it works alright :). - Oct 27 2019
Sorry, I don't know. I don't use KDE Plasma. But normally putting the folder extracted from the downloaded file in ~/.icons should allow you to select it in the KDE icon theme selector, wherever it is. - Jan 29 2019
Thanks! - Sep 21 2018
My pleasure :). - Sep 20 2018
If you tell me the name of the icon and which icons you would like me to use for Davinci Resolve I can add it, sure. If you don't know the name, could you send me the program so I can try to find out myself?
And to avoid changing the icons on the top menu, you can just remove all icons with -symbolic at the end of the name :). - Sep 19 2018
About the Cinnamon thing, I guess that would require me to install it. Which icons are missing? Can you screenshot? Seems like an occasion to try Gnome Boxes (which got a new icon that only work with the English name, because it is an empty box, but in French Boxes was translated as Machine lol). - Apr 14 2016
You have been heard and answered… though a bit late, sorry ^^.
I kept updating the theme on my laptop, but did not take the time to upload new versions and stuff. - Apr 13 2016
Done. - Apr 24 2013
Thanks. Sorry, I have absolutely no idea, I'm not in any way related to this GTK theme and I never used it. I think that if you want to have it in GTK3, the best way would be to port it yourself. Though I never did GTK themeing, and I have no idea if porting from GTK2 to GTK3 is easy or hard to do. - Nov 20 2012
Sorry for the rather long delay. Easiest way to add a Quodlibet icon is to copy or rename any media player icon. I added a Quodlibet icon in the current release, and an exfalso one to make up for all the time I took before updating ;). - Nov 03 2012
I think the first thing to do is to try with another theme for Gnome-Shell, to see if the problem is related to the Shell theme or not.
I'm actually using my theme with Gnome-Shell, and I have no such problem. - Oct 22 2011
Actually, writing the changelog is quite a pain in the ass, because I do it just before updating, but I change constantly the theme. I guess I could write down every change I made at the time I'm making it, but that would be tedious and maybe unnecessary.

Anyway it is pretty cool to see that people care about changes I make :D. - Oct 04 2011
Woah, some people actually read this !
I forgot that I switch from gz to xz, silly me. Should be fixed now.
Thanks. - Oct 04 2011
Of course ! - Jul 13 2011
Oh, and I ordered a new tab icon from Mattahan. I don't think it is available anywhere else than in my theme, but it is also released under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license, as the rest of the theme, so you can use it, if you are interested. - Jul 13 2011
Thanks ! - Jul 13 2011
I added a lot of icons for dropbox and ubuntu-one on next release. There are already icons for Wine and VirtualBox, is it not working on your computer ?
And for Jdownloader, I will maybe add also an icon for it. - Jul 13 2011
Thanks for the tip, by the way. - Jul 13 2011
I made one for next release. - Jul 13 2011
Yes, of course.
The one on the first preview is from Mattahan :
Check also :
The one on the second preview is Ubuntu's default wallpaper, no big deal. - Jul 13 2011
Whoaaaa, you made all those moon icons ! It must have took you hours ! I'm impressed. - Jul 13 2011
Hey, you're theme have some cool stuff ! I like your original-size zoom icon ! Your equalizer icon is quite cool also. And your coloring for bt-stat-applet. And you made very good icons for gnome-games !!!
Definitely, there are many very good things in your theme. Do you mind if I use some of your icons in mine ? I'll sure give you credit ! - Jul 13 2011
Thanks !
If you have any problem with it, or any suggestion, please let me know.
I think I should release a version with a fix for an Unity bug soon, but maybe this was fixed upstream and I don't need to do this anymore. I'll have to wait to get a real connection that allow me apt upgrades (and ftp access) to check this out ! - May 29 2011
Thanks ! - Apr 01 2011
Thanks ! - Mar 25 2011
Thanks !
If you want to use icons from Buuf Deuce along with my theme, I think the easiest way is to edit the index.theme file of the Deuce icon set, and change the Inherits= line to make it inherit from Buuf ;). - Mar 25 2011
It was actually not so few work ;). - Mar 25 2011
I also made a Dexter icon now. Will be included in next release. - Mar 20 2011
Try the new mirror. I hope this will work.
Thanks to Garry. - Mar 16 2011
Strange. Is there any hosting service that you know you can access ? - Mar 16 2011
Should be fixed, now ! - Mar 16 2011
This bug also happens in Evolution 2.32 on ArchLinux.
I've never noticed it before because I always write emails in plain text.
I'm working on it ! - Mar 16 2011
I just found a new icon from Mattahan which could work just great as a new Pidgin icon, but I'm still asking myself if I should use it that way, or for a Twitter client. What do you think ? - Mar 16 2011
Here it's working fine.
Garry, from Ubuntu Satanic Edition, will provide a mirror soon, I guess.
Meanwhile, I uploaded it here :
Maybe it will work better for you (but it is temporary hosting). - Mar 16 2011
You're welcome !
I'm using the hosting provided by my ISP. They provide free hosting, I think it is because it makes it easier for them to negotiate more interesting peering deals.
They also provide mirrors for some major Linux distribution, including Ubuntu, so they should have the guts to handle the little bandwidth that this icon theme requires ;).
However, Garry, the maintainer of Ubuntu Satanic Edition, proposed me to host a mirror. If someone else report of any connection problem, that what we'll do. - Mar 13 2011
Air (Gnome Shell 3.6 compatible)

Gnome Shell Themes 24 comments

Score 76.3%
Nov 03 2012

Thanks for the feedback, but with Gnome 3.8 still breaking a lot of things, I gave up on this theme and I'm using the default theme again. I might try to recreate it from scratch, by basing it one the new default theme, but I just can't find the motivation right now.
If you like the theme too much and want to fix it yourself, look into the gnome-shell.css file, find all the color attributes, and each time there is a rgba() value, change the last argument to 1 to make all the text completely opaque.
If you are willing to take over the theme, I'll gladly make this page point to your version of it !
Good luck. - May 24 2013
Thanks, should be fixed now. - Nov 04 2012
Well, I know that Gnome-Shell is used in GDM now, and that I didn't provide a gdm.css file needed for that. Since Gnome-Shell powered GDM bugs enormously on my laptop, I can't and I won't make a gdm.css complying to my theme's style, so I guess that leaves you with three options :
- You can just make sure you keep the gdm.css file from the default theme. Tell me if it work, I may add it to the download.
- You can stick to using gnome-tweak-tool.
- And the very best solution of all, you can write a gdm.css in the same style as the rest of the theme, and I'll sure include it ! - Nov 04 2011
Well, that's completely a matter of taste, so there is no right and wrong answer, it really is up to you.
I previously used a modified version of this window theme that I failed to upgrade :
but now, I switched back the the default window and GTK theme. But really, the best choice for YOUR desktop is YOUR choice. So just give the GTK and Metacity theme section of this website a look, and decide for yourself ;). - Nov 04 2011
Well, of course !
The icon theme is mine, based on Mattahan's icons, see
The wallpapper is also by Mattahan, see - Oct 19 2011
Sadly, it isn't. Blame that on the Gnome-Shell developers that decided “ Screw the users GTK theme and icon theme, let's not use this anywhere on Gnome-Shell”.
But I can still provide a version with classic icons, and you can very easily replace my icons with yours.
Check my new version with classic icons. - Jul 02 2011
You're welcome. Actually, the problem was totally on my side. It should work now. - Jun 27 2011
Yes, you're right. I don't know why the archive was corrupted. However, now, it should work. Thanks for the feedback. - Jun 27 2011
I meant package, not packet, of course… - Jun 27 2011
That's quite a problem indeed. I used .xz instead of .gz because I thought it would compress more. The official Gnome ftp switched to .xz too, so I thought it wouldn't be too much of a problem for people to open it. Which distribution are you using ? I'm surprised that PackageKit was unable to find you the right packet. - Jun 27 2011
Thanks ! - Jun 26 2011
buuf icon theme

Full Icon Themes 41 comments

Score 67.1%
Jul 28 2007
The URL changed.
If it's not working, use my profile to see my uploaded content. - Jul 02 2012

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

Score 57.1%
Jun 15 2011
This is not a Gnome-Shell theme !
Please use the right category. - Jun 15 2011

Icon Sub-Sets 156 comments

Score 72.2%
Dec 08 2009
Based on different icon set by the same guy, Mattahan.
See and
Also, when don't make the same choices everywhere.
And my icon theme is way more up to date. - Apr 27 2011

Gnome Shell Themes
by oberon27

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Jun 15 2011
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Feb 04 2010


Jun 11 2020
Buuf Cursor

by bkudria

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9   Apr 18 2014

Gnome Shell Themes
by oberon27

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9   Jun 15 2011

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by turbo815

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3   Jun 15 2011
Church exit

Wallpaper Other
by mtax

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9   Mar 11 2011