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VLC Playlist Parsers

VLC Playlist Parsers 48 comments

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Oct 17 2019
Nope, extensions are quite limited in what they can do. - Jun 17 2020
Hi, glad you like it. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible because it would require setting a cookie, which VLC extensions can't do. But there may be some other way, I'll look into it. - May 19 2020
You can find it here: - Jan 10 2020
Ok I'll do that next! - Dec 31 2019
After installing the file, you just need to go to "Media" -> "Open Network Stream" and put a link to a video there. - Dec 20 2019
Sorry I don't speak spanish, I hope you still understand!

I already added the support for better quality (1080p videos) that ivanthechemist suggested since version 1.2.0.

Do you still have problems using the latest version (1.3.0)? If yes, can you give me some details (error messages, etc.)? - Oct 24 2019
Done! - Sep 28 2019
The defaultQuality attribute usually lists resolutions in this order: 720,480,240,1080, if all are available (some videos have 720, 480 or 240 as maximum). So videos are played in 720p by default, because it's the first in the list.

Until recently, 1080p videos where not available for free, so if the script tried to use 1080 as the default resolution it failed. It seems that now 1080p videos are available for everyone, so I'll make an update to use that resolution if it's available. - Sep 24 2019
Only single videos are supported, not playlists. I know the category name "VLC Playlist Parsers" can be misleading but that's just how URL parsers are called in VLC. I may add support for playlists in a future version.

The path under Program Files is also correct, but to put a file there you need administrator privileges. The path under Users requires no privileges so it may be easier to use that. - May 10 2019
It's normal that you don't see it in the extensions menu, because it's just a playlist parser, not an extension.
Do you have issues opening youtube links?
Could you get a log and put it somewhere like pastebin? To get a log, open the messages window in Window -> Messages, select Debug as verbosity level and try opening a pornhub link. - Apr 11 2019
Did you manage to copy the lua file in the directory written in the description? What operating system are you using? - Jul 16 2018
I updated the description with installation instructions - Jun 20 2018
If you have a problem please tell me and I'll try to help - Jun 20 2018

VLC Playlist Parsers 8 comments

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Jul 04 2019
Done! - Sep 14 2019
I'll look into it - Aug 31 2019
The new version supports limiting the maximum resolution by using the "Preferred video resolution" setting of VLC. You can find it in Tools → Preferences → All settings → Input / Codecs. - Jul 04 2019
It's not possible to select a resolution at the moment. I'll add it in a future version. - May 07 2019