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Patrick C.
Linspire Clear SuSE 10.0 RPM

KDE 3.5 Themes by patch 6 comments

It's the only style I like, so you're welcome! - Oct 14 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by bonafide 66 comments

Where to find this fantastic background (the gras) - Sep 20 2005
SuSE kbfx

Various Stuff by patch 2 comments

actually they are white, but 55% transparent cause pure white looks hefty for me. my desktop is transparent and dark. Everything else is gray, too. But ok, i'll upload a white version soon.

bye - Aug 05 2005
Quanta Plus 3.0

Various Stuff by patch 7 comments

well, i'm realy glad. :-) - Nov 19 2002
Crystal Icons for Evolution

Icon Sub-Sets by shahedkh 17 comments

Using the Keramik-GTK Theme and this Icons everything looks reale GREAT!
thx - Nov 08 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

when will you start zu implement this kmenu? - Oct 22 2002
Orbit like LICQ-Skin

Various Stuff by patch 2 comments

all images are now in the new tar-ball. thanks for the reference. - Aug 11 2002
tux-silver (licq-skin)

Various Stuff by patch 4 comments

The flowers are in the original ICQ colors and have so far nothing to do with XP.
Which part should be colored differently? The flowers or the entire Skin?
- Aug 11 2002
tux-xp (licq skin)

Various Stuff by patch 3 comments

i've noticed that transparency do not realy work with qt-gui (both kde and qt gui). i was able to make it a little bit translucent but it was not exactly the picture of what was behind the window at this moment. - Jun 08 2002