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Patrick Aljord Arequipa, Peru
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Atheist Quote Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 31 comments

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Dec 29 2009
Dude, this is not a wikiquote plasmoid, it's just an atheist quote plasmoid. Also Budha was not the greatest atheist as there is no such thing anyway. If you don't like it, feel free to improve it or change it. I don't have time to work on it now. - Mar 25 2010
Could you past the entire error message please. - Dec 30 2009
Make sure you have plasma-scriptengine-webkit or equivalent installed if you use kubuntu, you also need kde 4.3 or newer. - Dec 29 2009
No, I don't have to make a strong argument, you don't get it. You're the one making the extraordinary claim of a catholic conspiracy so you have to prove your point, not me, I'm not making any claim. And saying that many people are catholic in the gov doesn't prove anything but your paranoia. - Aug 01 2009
The us gov? Neo cons hate catholics, as for the obama administration they're protestants too. France is secular and the brits are not catholics. The pope is pretty irrelevant today and has no say in most things. Only South America still listens to him, and less so as years pass... - Jul 31 2009
Some of them might be, I didn't read all of them. For your information though, most countries that can "press the button" are not catholic and couldn't care less about the pope. - Jul 30 2009
4.3 only sorry. - Jul 29 2009
The source is in the plasmoid, it's a zip file. - Jul 26 2009
Thanks, I've updated the category. - Jul 20 2009

Video Apps 6 comments

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Jan 19 2008
it would be great to be able to bookmark a video at a given position in time. Say you love to watch a particular moment in a movie that you find very funny and like to watch it every once in a while but you need to scroll to that particular position in order to watch it. And give the ability to give a title to that bookmark like "moment of the movie when x and y happens and do that funny thing". Ok hope you get it in there :)

thanx in advance - Oct 11 2007
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Sep 01 2006
please tell me about the design and browsability issues so I can try to fix them.
thanx in advance
Pat - Sep 03 2006
IDEA: Stream music to server

Amarok 1.x Scripts 7 comments

by Kirbo
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Mar 08 2006
you can do just that with kaffeine. audio and video streaming. - Mar 09 2006

Dolphin Service Menus 65 comments

by timb
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Feb 16 2009
hey Tim, I like your script but it doesn't work with URLs that have more than one "&". As example this URL won't work:
instead it will post the URL without the second &u=7 and it will post that wrong URL:
try it.
I found that though:

the fix:
on top of the script put:
use URI::Escape;

and just before the exec(dcop...)
put that:
$safe = uri_escape("" . $ARGV[1] . ""); and then replace $ARGV[1] with $safe and it should work! - Mar 05 2006

Graphic Apps 70 comments

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Jan 12 2006
done to the dev mailing list - Jan 12 2006
This is the error I get:

grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive
make[4]: *** [] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory
make[3]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/pat/showimg-0.9.5/showimg-0.9.5/showimg'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/pat/showimg-0.9.5/showimg-0.9.5'
make: *** [all] Error 2

I tried to locate libXft here:
root@lp:/home/pat/showimg-0.9.5/showimg-0.9.5# locate libXft
/usr/lib/ - Jan 12 2006

Developers Apps 52 comments

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Jul 11 2008
what do you mean by :
# If you would like install KDE to the system (DO NOT INSTALL *over* a prior
# installation!), then you'll probably need to use sudo to install everything.
# make-install-prefix sudo
how can I make it install in /usr ? and will I need to recompile everything?

thanx in advance - May 27 2005
oops, just noticed that the new version does it for you. - May 26 2005
debian doesn't seem to provide packages so just download it from kde svn and copy the folder to /usr/bin or any rep that is in your $PATH (unsermake is a python script or something and doesn't install itself), it's in kdenonbeta.

Cheers - May 26 2005

Video Apps 15 comments

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Jul 31 2005
Do you have lsdvd installed? Katiuska uses lsdvd. Try "lsdvd" in konsole and see what happens. - May 09 2005
that looks great but not all distro have "/opt/kde/share/apps/quanta/scripts", as an example in debian it's in another place as there is no /opt. how could I detect that? - Nov 14 2004

Financial 4 comments

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Apr 26 2005
why don't you team up with ntpv instead of starting from crash? - Apr 26 2005

Developers Apps 16 comments

by zenum
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May 17 2005
don't mean to bitch but distributing GPL stuff with no source is just plain illegal. Right now you're such an outlawz :) - Apr 25 2005
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008
I didn't say u call it shit, I was talking about Superstoned post. Note that my first post was a reply to Superstoned's post where he did call it shit. I had no problem with your post sorry for not being clear enough :).

About the visualization, you only need one click to see it or just roll over the tab to see it. With amarok you need to right click then select visualization then select which one you want. And if you want to see both at the same time with kaffeine you can still undock the playlist which is overall 2 clicks away, less than amarok :)

yet I agree that the default toolbar are not very good but hey it's not the end of the world. - Dec 25 2004
I don't know if ure a troll or just totally ignorant but kaffeine has been a media player way before 0.43. If u think mediaplayer suck then 0.43 sucks and u love it as u said :). Just because there've never been any good mediaplayer doesn't mean its impossible to make a good one, only that the previous ones were badly designed and this is why I'm happy with kaffeine, because it's the only player out there that can do both and successfully at least for some people like me.

by the way if u're looking for a good video player only try this

the Codeine developper promessed to keep it simple and not add new features after 1.0. he's also an amarok dev. - Dec 24 2004
I don't get offended I just thought that calling it shit was a bit over the top.

you're saying that tabs are not meant for related pages but are visualization and the playlist very related? if you think so you can still undock the playlist so you can finally see both at the same time if you can't live without it :)

I agree with the toolbar issue but you can move them around as you wish to make it look like 0.43.

I'm not a developper I'm just a kaffeine lover and I think critics are a very good thing as long as they're not rude unfunded insults as this other guy did, yours is a civilized critic.

by the way in xine-ui configuration pages are separed in different tabs because they are so numerous that putting them all on the same page would give the user a headache. - Dec 24 2004
what is the benefit of "Tab Widget"?

what is the benefit of "Tab Widget" in konqueror and firefox?
==>not having to handle two or three windows(playlist,visualisation...) for the same application. It's faster and easier. - Dec 23 2004
come on get a life, I'm sorry but calling kaffeine shit really sucks man. Kaffeine is my favorite multimedia player and I love the tab system, it's much faster to roll over tabs then clicking on kicker to see the playlist.

And the ability to play both music and video is the reason why I use Kaffeine. I hate starting a new program just to see a 30 seconds video specially on a slow computer kaffeine is really time saving. And Kaffeine handles ogg and mp3 perfectly.

Plus kaffeine has neat features such as streaming and its playlist is pretty cool to me and very fast. It handles my 9000 mp3,oggs,dvs shared on samba partition as fast as amarok.

PS: we don't care you're not using it anymore, this is free software and ts author is not going to lose money on your tragic move :)

PPS:kaffeine is to mediaplayers what konqueror is to browsers, it can do it all and it does it well. if you think kaffeine is bloated because it can handle more than two different tasks then don't use konqueror! - Dec 23 2004
KDE Media Center (idea)

Desktop Concepts 22 comments

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Jul 19 2004
with the new kaffeine 0.5 u can do just that, there are tabs and you can add just any kparts you want in it and even undock them - Nov 20 2004