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paul peter

Qt Widgets 20 comments

by mmj
Score 75.5%
Jan 07 2012
Hi guys.

This patch adds Qt 5 support for the widget above. Furthermore all methods used to configure the scale are now exposed to qt's property system. - Aug 12 2013

Qt Widgets 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 25 2008
here is a patch that adds Qt 5 support for this widget. Plugin functionality is discarded but you can used it like a regular class. Furthermore this patch removes redundant semicolons. - Aug 12 2013

Qt Widgets 8 comments

by tnq
Score 53.3%
Jan 19 2010
Hey Guys,

Here is a patch for the widget above. The patch adds support for instant color update, contains fixes to suppress compiler warnings and removes semicolons at the end of Q_PROPERTY macros. - Aug 12 2013

Qt Widgets 6 comments

Score 67.1%
Feb 11 2008
Hi there,

here is a patch to make this widget compatible to Qt 5. Furthermore it removes plugin capability so you can use it like simple class. In addition there are also some fixes for compiler warnings and semicolons.
- Aug 12 2013