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Science 36 comments

by ariya
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Jun 03 2008
did you try date?
date -d "2004/7/4 00:00 +120 days"
date -d "2001/1/1 00:00 +160 min + 3 hours" - Apr 30 2007
[idea] a pinguin which dance on your mus

Amarok 1.x Scripts 6 comments

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Feb 05 2007
too much work for a not-so-killing-as-you-thing detail. but its up to you to implement it. - Feb 05 2007

Audio Extractors/Converters 606 comments

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Oct 01 2017
forgot to say: your app is wonderfull and still very usefull. Many thanks!!! - Feb 05 2007
Im running 0.3
Im converting all my library to mp3 64 abr using lame(-q 2), joint stereo with replay gain (to send file to portable mp3 player).
I start conversion in the morning. When i come back, i always found 2 of the 3 conversion process stuck (at getting File... for example), while the third one seems to run fine.
If i try to stop the stucked ones(or the overall process), the application crash (with the nice KDE crashed app box). - Feb 05 2007
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Dec 17 2006
you can specify the port used by ares in config file ~/.giFT/Ares/Ares.conf.

Be aware that this plugins doesn't works perfectly. It rarely connects on my computer and when it does, its often after several hours with the giFT daemon running. try installing KCeasy on a windows box and steal it the node file. - Dec 29 2006
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes 97 comments

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Nov 26 2004
either way, your job is excellent! Im using your icons for quite some time now. keep the work! - Aug 15 2005
configure: error: The important program mcopidl was not found!
Please check whether you installed aRts correctly.

This is the message i got. The flag "--without-arts" doesnt seems to do his job... The fact is that im using some parts of kde in fluxbox; and i didnt want to have the arts stuff on my box. And i dont understand why it is needed for a style(!) when apps like juk doesnt need it! - Aug 15 2005

Webcam & Monitoring 15 comments

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Jan 01 2004
tou can try remplacing cout by std::cout to keep output to console. - Jun 02 2005

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019

ive a big problem running ksd outside kde (in fluxbox) : take a look at
The transparency doesnt work at all, and even with opacity set to 100 (like in the shot), it looks ugly :( The labels are shown perfectly, btw

it would also be nice to be able to place the dock every where, i mean verticaly on the side as well at top and bottom. I couldnt find any option to do that.

Anyway, your apps looks great. It seems very stable and usable. Great work! - May 31 2005