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Orchis gtk theme

GTK3 Themes 99 comments

Score 89.2%
May 24 2020
I love this theme! However, the most recent update has Orchis-dark shell theme showing white text on white background instead of dark background. Orchis-dark-compact does not have this issue though,
- Apr 13 2020

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Score 91.8%
May 21 2020
Great work. However, both .jl and .r files still use the default TXT file icons. - Oct 02 2019
Ah, that did the trick, thank you! And, great job!
- Jun 19 2019
Thanks. How is it possible to enable the circle-folders then? - Jun 19 2019
Tremendous fan of this! However, "01-McMojave-circle.tar.xz" provides the same rectangle folder icons as "03-McMojave-circle-blue.tar.xz" does. Was this an accident or am I doing something incorrectly? - Jun 18 2019

GTK3 Themes 39 comments

Score 82.9%
Oct 11 2019
Great theme, love the colors! Inkscape windows revert to default ugly theme when using this or your other themes (Color, Ai, etc.) - Nov 06 2018