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Aug 03 2009
It's an OpenOffice bug.

Apparently they use the color of the menus for those outlines. The same behavior occurs with Dust, NewWave Dark Menus, Opensuse's Sonar, etc...

There's nothing I can do from this end, and Openoffice problems are usually seen with many themes because it's not a native GTK application. - Nov 15 2009
Glad you like it, enjoy! - Nov 15 2009
You can simply change the selected background color in Appearance preferences to the desired color. If you'd like a matching icon set for that shade of brown, you can compile gnome-colors from source and get it.

As for the defaults, there's already Shiki-Dust, which is warm and brown. It doesn't have the same shade of brown as the new Human, but why should it? It's not like both themes can be used at the same time, so it shouldn't matter or create any inconsistency. - Nov 15 2009
I have not experienced this issue. In theory, the theme (or icons) should not have any relevance when it comes to mouse clicking or the clickable area of the menu icon applets.

It might help if you could add a screenshot, a more detailed summary - or double check if the same behavior occurs under another theme (which might indicate that the problem lies elsewhere). - Nov 03 2009
Can you post a screenshot of the issue?
You can file it as a bug in the gnome-colors project page, as it might be easier to debug and fix there. - Oct 29 2009
They're not gone, you're just using the murrine version of Shiki-Colors.

Murrine does not draw striped tabs, this is not related to the theme.

If you want striped tabs, you have to get the Clearlooks version. - Oct 29 2009
Yes, it works pretty well and looks great. Now, if only the scrollbars were themed with GTK it'd become my new default browser. - Sep 27 2009
That is intended behavior, and a consequence of including nice gradient panels with the theme.

In order to use custom/transparent panels, you have to disable the ones that are shipped with Shiki.

In order to do this, just open the /themes/Shiki-$COLOR/gtk-2.0/panel.rc file in a text editor, and delete the line which says "Disable for normal panel backgrounds". - Sep 27 2009
No problem, enjoy!

The Shiki update is just a bugfix for Chromium browser, but the icons got a major overhaul. - Sep 25 2009
Fixed and released just now. - Sep 25 2009
I like the "Dream" sound scheme. It's not loud or scary like Ubuntu's, when starting the system. You can get it here:

As for cursors, I always use the simple white ones that come as default. They're neutral, simple and efficient. - Sep 25 2009
This bug has already been called to my attention, unfortunately... I'm currently on a break from developing due to college, so as soon as I get some free time, chromium fixes will be commited. - Sep 10 2009
Just open "Appearance Preferences". You will find an option to change the selected background color of the theme to anything you like!

If you'd like to hardcode it/make it permanent, you can open the gtkrc source file and change the color value manually. The file has instructions built in, so you just have to follow them. - Sep 10 2009
It's the design of the theme. It uses dark panels and menus, so if you want to have light variation of those objects - you can try downloading an alternate theme that was designed to be all light. - Sep 10 2009
I think the problem is that it's not currently possible to set a highlight color for scrollbars. It just uses the normal color and adds more brightness to it.

Perhaps bugs can be filed to murrine/clearlooks so this type of feature can be implemented? The only other way to do this is with pixmaps, but no pixmaps are used in Shiki to keep everything fast and clean. - Sep 10 2009
White menus + dark menubars is not possible without breaking and bugging things (most notably, firefox), so it'll never happen.

If you want to give it a try, you can delete the contents that deal with color of the following sections:

style "murrine-menu"

style "murrine-menu-item"
} - Aug 07 2009
Can you take a screenshot? I'm not sure what you mean. - Aug 07 2009
You can find it here: - Aug 04 2009
Regarding (1.), the spelling is correct! Both "color" and "colour" are acceptable depending on where you're from. I was taught American English, so "color" is the proper spelling for me, although (UK) users would disagree.

Regarding (2.), try the included "Easy" metacity. It has thicker borders for easy resizing. As for applications having the "grip" on the bottom right corner, that has nothing to do with any theme, only with the applications themselves! - Jul 31 2009

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Sep 25 2009
Yes, that would work for manual installation, where the user is fully aware of the contents and the website provides proper instructions. However, for packaging, providing artwork that has no means of being enabled, listing or previewing the contents intuitively is often a bad idea.

I know it's not exactly impossible, but it is unknown to most users. Installing, for example, a lock screen package through apt-get because it is suggested by gnome-colors should not require searching the internet for the knowledge necessary to begin using it.

That said, third party lock screens are welcome. I just don't want to release something official that I wouldn't be able to support properly. - Oct 29 2009
I'm glad they're of use to you, enjoy the icons! Feel free to make your own color variations with the source pack as well. - Oct 29 2009
Thanks, enjoy! - Oct 29 2009
There is no way to graphically configure or theme the lock screen, so I doubt there will be official lock screens until this is possible.

Unofficial ones are welcome, in fact, I think there are already some in gnome-look based on arc-colors. - Oct 29 2009
This happens with the usage of .icon files.

You'll see that most of the icons that support emblems have a similarly named file next to them, with the .icon extension. This file specifies how emblems are attached for each icon that can support emblems, in each size.

If you want this to happen for other icon sets, just copy or create .icon files for each icon you plan to use emblems on. Also, depending on the size of the icon (16px, 22/24, 32/scalable) the .icon file will need different values. - Oct 03 2009

The new folders are mostly the old ones, with cleaner lines, a little transparency and smoother gradients. It should be familiar enough, yet the improved contrast makes it fit better with the aluminium look other icons in the theme have.

As for the printed emblems, they're still a work in progress... some of them could be improved a lot still. I think this style is better than just pasting an emblem on top of the folder icons. - Sep 30 2009
There wasn't an icon for games in the past, the theme only inherited the icon from gnome-icon-theme, and said icon was a bit outdated.

The new icon is a bit more appealing - although you're right, a joystick or gamepad would be even better.

If I can make a better looking joystick/gamepad in the future, i'll consider replacing the cards. In the meantime - if you want the joystick back, you can just remove the card icons and the theme will inherit the old ones from gnome-icon-theme. - Sep 30 2009
This change was made some time ago due to request and usability concerns, as less distracting color-neutral icons were better for media actions.

However, in older releases (where these icons have color) should still be available in the deprecated download section of the google code page. Just grab an earlier package - get these icons from /*/actions/ and replace the neutral ones in a current version of gnome-colors. - Sep 27 2009
It's been a while since the last update. Here's a preview for the next release. Newly redesigned folders and folder-xdg support for Karmic/GNOME 2.28:

Feel free to check SVN for more, and any input on the new folder design is welcome. - Sep 25 2009
Sorry for the late reply. As for your previous question, the palette is included as an SVG file. Also, the source package includes text theme files with all the color codes used in the creation of the recolored icons.

As for your current question, the license is GPL-2. You have the freedom to modify/improve/contribute/expand it without any legal issues as far as the GPL allows. - Sep 21 2009
The makefile allows for unbranded installation by running "make install-unbranded". - Sep 15 2009
The problem is that there is no GUI tool to install/apply lock dialogs. I know tech-minded people don't see this as a problem, but for example - if you installed from the PPA and lock dialogs are installed, there wouldn't be any intuitive way of applying the software without having to google related instructions.

That said, there are some unofficial lock screens based on Arc-Colors right here in gnome-look. You can certainly use one of those. - Sep 09 2009
The power management icons got a bit of an upgrade upstream, if you're using Karmic they will look much better. They'll also appear a bit larger and more usable, as a related gnome-panel bug was fixed. - Sep 09 2009
The trash bins are not really glossy, they're still using Tango/GNOME guidelines - the shine is there because they are metallic objects. They're only minorly modified from the new ones in gnome-icon-theme, so there's no inconsistency with the other icons. - Aug 28 2009
I'm currently busy with college at the moment, but if you post in the "sticky" bug report of the google code page I'll keep it in mind once I have the time again. - Aug 28 2009
The source files for gnome-colors-common are the .SVG files that are shipped in the "scalable" folder themselves. There's always a scalable version of every icon.

For the smaller sizes - in the case of most icons, the sources or source objects can be gotten directly from gnome-icon-theme/tango's git repositories. The following is particularly helpful:

For some icons's smaller sizes, there are no direct sources, as often, the simpler icons are just two gnome-icon-theme objects overlayed.

tl;dr: There's no source pack in particular for "gnome-colors-common". The sources are both the scalable icons that are shipped, as well as those provided in the repositories for gnome/tango and the tango artists whose gpl icons are featured in the set.

If the small-size sources you want are from an original gnome-colors icon (not gnome/tango or already included in the source pack) just send me an e-mail and I'll send you what I have. - Aug 07 2009
The icons are based and depend on GNOME/Tango, so there'll never be any type of gloss included for consistency's sake.

If the icons were based on Human or Oxygen, then yes - everything would be glossy, but they're entirely designed to complement gnome-icon-theme, so they won't break away from that design. - Aug 07 2009
I don't really have any experience drawing cursors, so I doubt there'll be any in the future.

I find Jimmac's cursors (the default ones in Ubuntu and other distributions) simple and good looking enough.

That said, there's oxygen-cursor-theme and oxygen-cursor-theme-extra as well, which are excellent cursor themes. If anything, I think someone experienced should port them for better compatibility with GNOME and they'd be perfect alternatives. - Aug 05 2009
clearlooks/murrine/nodoka are deprecated. Shiki-Colors replaced them as the complementary theme for gnome-colors almost a year ago.

There are many good full light/dark themes here in gnome-look, so there's no plans to revive the old themes. Shiki-Colors will keep being developed since it provides a unique and neutral look suitable for the project, until something better comes along to replace it. - Aug 04 2009
There are two extra icon sets in the extras pack, one of those is light/tan and the other has a dark/carbon look. You can try those if you like.

Full black/white versions do not suit the design of the icon set, I think it looks very monotone, but if you download the source pack - you can make black/white/any-color variations in minutes, by simply editing the color values and following the instructions before "make". - Aug 04 2009
The logo is still shipped, but I think the PPA/Debian packages are built with the new "unbranded" target, to avoid users reporting their ubuntu/debian logos as being replaced.

If you install normally "sudo make install" or by copying the folders to /usr/share/icons you'll get the gnome-colors branding as you'd normally do. - Aug 04 2009

I don't understand, have you checked the gnome-colors places folders? Saved search icons and its syslinks have always been included with the set.

Because gnome-colors is very complete, chances are - when you see a stock gnome/tango icon that doesn't fit in with the rest, it's most likely the application forces said icon instead of gnome-colors not having it. - Aug 02 2009
If the file extension supports it, a playlist icon can be created... Although it depends on wether the mimetype can be actually themed or not, or what the naming spec required is.

But by all means, please post this, any icon requests or other information related to implementing the icons in the google code project page, at the "Sticky: feature requests and missing icons" topic in the "Issues" tab. That way I can keep track of things better and it's less likely that I'll forget. - Jul 27 2009
It's not a bug, it's intended - to keep consistency with the reboot/restart icon and add some color variation. The icon itself also doesn't work too well with the scripted recoloring - as it requires more colors than the recolorable palette allows for, so I doubt it'll be made recolorable in the future. - Jul 27 2009
Hardy-Colors Usplash

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May 03 2008
It's likely. From what I've seen, xsplash can just specify a wallpaper and use that instead. Maybe once I figure out the new GDM, I can upgrade arc-colors to gdm+xsplash. - Sep 30 2009

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Apr 29 2008
These themes are deprecated, they still work but the code is old and may not work under certain configurations.

Shiki-Colors is the successor to these themes and is actively developed, but these are just provided as is for anyone who may still like them. - Sep 10 2009

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Sep 01 2009
Incredible release, as usual!

It's certainly a lot more polished, and the new GPL license should make things cleaner and better compatible with debian/ubuntu policies. I'd love to see Erectus uploaded in the repos, I prefer it just a tad more than Humanity, although you also do some great work there. - Sep 01 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
The changes actually happened a few releases ago, Fedora and other distributions have adapted to the new design. Ubuntu has just been using a very old GDM version, which is not ideal from a security/technological standpoint.

Yes, it's a regression - but surely in the future theming abilities will be brought back. Perhaps not for Karmic, but you may be able to select things like wallpaper/gtk/icons to be used at login. - Aug 03 2009
I tried making a light version a long time ago, but it didn't go well with the design. You can probably just use the wallpapers and paste them over another GDM theme with a lighter design. - Aug 03 2009
Stoner Edition Theme Pack

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Jul 31 2009
That would be public domain for those contents, if you wish to license it so. However, you still need to specify the licences for everything else - icons, themes, window borders, etc. - Jul 31 2009
It is a very complete collection, but you can't just say there are no licenses, you must list and abide by the licenses of everything included in the set, whether it's GPL/CC-BY-SA, public domain, etc.

Only the original content developers can relicense their work, so unless the licenses are specified - the theme pack would be considered non-free software, or only for personal use.

Another thing is the lack of documentation regarding what is actually included in the .deb package, anyone could download this and break or overwrite their existing themes or icons, since the package would conflict with that which is already installed. Since there's no complete list of what is actually included, it makes it harder to tell wether you'll break/overwrite something or not. - Jul 30 2009

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009