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by gcala
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May 13 2014
Nowadays, I just don't take a too long look at it. But at first testing it was confusing, because the song started quietly, so I thought the newly installed program doesn't work well.

And yes, it wasn't the first time I've seen a deafly dancing icon. Thanks for the hint – if I'm ever in the situation that I don't know how to choose between smartphone models, there's another feature to look for. - Apr 06 2015
Delete superfluous "the".

Besides this – thanks for this programm! - Mar 21 2015
When playing a song, for what is this small dumb fourfold bar graph fidgeting right from the song's list entry?

It is as annoying as a dancer ahead in the audience during a concert jumping out of rhythm – both's movement has nothing to do with perceived the music. And IMHO such a dancer belongs to the most annoying things at a concert. In both cases I'm wishing to have an option to stop'em from moving (or synchronize them to music). - Mar 21 2015