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Philippe Faist Z├╝rich, Switzerland

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Feb 07 2017
With 3.2.0 I released a very simple blur plugin provided at

But consider using OpenOffice draw format export, it integrates more natively into your documents; you can also use the new KLatexFormula OpenOffice integration toolbar (see

Philippe - Sep 29 2010
Hi Olivier,
Thanks for your feedback.
Currently already the option -d{Graphics,Text}AlphaBits=4 is passed to gs (maximum antialiasing). However I don't see how I can improve antialiasing through gs (which would be in my opinion the best solution). A possible feature would be to run gs with a multiple of the given dpi resolution, then scaling down the image to the required resolution using a smooth scaling algorithm. Is this what you're suggesting?
Philippe - Feb 22 2010
Hi nucleas,
klatexformula_cmdl is symlinked to klatexformula because now klatexformula itself suppports command-line instructions. type klatexformula --help for basic help. Basically, you can run either the full GUI, either in batch mode, each time possibly specifying latex input and possibly output file, etc.
Batch mode is automatically activated if a --latexinput or --input option is given.
Philippe - Nov 18 2009
Sorry, I should have specified this more clearly !

klatexformula-3.0.1> qmake
klatexformula-3.0.1> make

and to install in /usr, run as superuser:

klatexformula-3.0.1> make install

For these steps to work, you need the Qt4's qmake to be in your $PATH.

Best Regards,
Philippe Faist - May 03 2009

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Sep 28 2010
As pointed out by Tobias Winchen on the wiki page at, you need to uninstall the previous version of KLatexFormula, since the linker finds the globally installed library rather than the freshly compiled one.
Best regards,
Philippe - Nov 21 2009
Actually I'm precisely in the process of re-writing it in Qt4, and I'll post the new version when I'm done!
Best regards,
Philippe - Apr 05 2009
Thank you for the information. I had corrected already a small bug reported to me in klfbackend.cpp that I suspect is the same as yours; did you try with latest version 2.0.1 ? If it doesn't work I'll see to try to correct this thing properly...
I'm kind of lacking free time right now, so I hope I'll be able to invest myself a bit more soon to consider integration with Kile, or as mentioned previously in another comment KOffice or OpenOffice, and maybe add a few more improvements if I get new ideas... suggestions welcome ...


Philippe - Oct 09 2007
Some other ideas:
  • You need to separate paths with colons `:' in variable TEXINPUTS. Also, I noticed that adding an extra colon often helps latex find lots of stuff (I guess it tells latex to look into the default paths) for example:

  • You may try to specify a default latex color driver (by the way, I still don't understand well what that is) in the \usepackage[...]{color} in file src/klfbackend/klfbackend.cpp, line 118: edit the line to
    << "\\usepackage[dvips]{color}\n"

  • I hope this helps.
    Philippe - May 04 2007
    Try commenting line 12 in src/klatexformula.cls:
    and make install again. (Or edit directly $KDEDIR/share/apps/klatexformula/klatexformula.cls)
    This is a quick workaround, so please report if it doesn't work well; it seemed to work fine on my system.

    Alternatively you may try to specify a path in TEXINPUTS environment variable when calling klatexformula. I don't know if this works but it may be worth a try.

    Thank you for your comments
    Philippe - May 03 2007
    Finally I managed to make a Suse 10.0 RPM for this app. I'll work on building an rpm for suse 10.1 too. - Dec 17 2006
    That would probably mean editing the Kile code. If anyone would like to do it, feel free to do so. - Jun 07 2006
    I'm sorry but I'm totally unfamiliar with Kopete and even less with how to attach code to it ...

    However, you're right that a few options are missing. I'll work at it (namely including specific packages, or even maybe edit entire raw LaTeX code... I'll see about how easy it is to program .. :)

    You can already save in all filetypes supported by your QT libs (but they're all _image_ filetypes (png, jpg, gif, ...) ). I'll try to work on saving in (E)PS or PDF, but gs'ing the direct LaTeX output (it has no meaning of converting to an image if you convert it back to ps!).

    I thought that it may be interesting to add an option making the image background transparent, I don't know if you think it's important ...

    Thanks anyway for your comment - Jun 07 2006

    by jstamp

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