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Louis King Jr

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 6 comments

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Jun 28 2012
sorry to hear. I don't know what I would do without dark themes. use light ones I suppose :) - Aug 13 2012
thank you. yes there's a gtk theme. the link is in the post :) glad you like it. - Aug 13 2012
thanks :) - Aug 09 2012

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

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Jan 22 2013
It seems it's a specific problem to just the 64bit version of one distro. I have no idea why either. works fine on many others. - Apr 19 2012
I installed OMG into an LXDE distro I have and when I chose OMG (any), it broke obconf. any thoughts? - Apr 18 2012

Full Icon Themes 523 comments

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Jul 28 2013
PS For the most part I only use the awoken, kawoken and acyl icon sets on all my desktops. :) - Feb 29 2012
the folder-images.png . It's emblem is green. I just got around it by changing the folder for Pictures to folder-photos.png.

Yes, I like the new awOken icons very much. :D - Feb 29 2012
smiles. thank you. I moved zenity out of /usr/bin temporarily, ran the script xhoosing "run in terminal, chose my settings, worked like a charm. thanks for your help.

one other thing I might mention is the current 2.4 version's folder for "Pictures" is always color even if you chose "no color".

thanks again for the help. :) - Feb 29 2012
okay, I have a different error message now...

louis@solus ~ $ awoken-icon-theme-customization
Initial settings. Current Release: 2.4

Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ''
SUCCESS! Zenity was found.

progname=zenity; RGBA=on
Installation directory -> /home/louis/.icons/AwOken
Installation modality -> DA_download
Now I'll search if there are already colored iconsets in your /home/louis/.icons directory.
I found these:
You chose:
progname=zenity; RGBA=on
Customize Clear version
/usr/bin/awoken-icon-theme-customization: line 169: [: too many arguments
It seems that there isn't any customization file for the colored iconset located in /home/louis/.icons/zenity; RGBA=on
Customize Clear version/.
louis@solus ~ $
- Feb 28 2012
I just ran awoken-icon-theme-customization then clicked on customize clear version. it ships with gnome2. I really think it's a distro problem. I just updated a couple other with no problems. if I run into a problem with a different distro I will post. thanks. :) - Feb 25 2012
before I get in trouble with the SolusOS guy, it's Debian based not Ubuntu. I assume the problem has something to do with Solus because I just updated a few distros I have and had no issue with the 2.4 update. - Feb 25 2012
that was the entire terminal output. I installed them using deviantart. This was in SolusOS beta 1.2 which is Ubuntu/Debian based and it's actually the only distro I've ever had a problem with and I have 27 Linux flavors. :D - Feb 25 2012
getting this error when running script.
Customize Clear version
/usr/bin/awoken-icon-theme-customization: line 169: [: too many arguments
It seems that there isn't any customization file for the colored iconset located in /home/louis/.icons/zenity; RGBA=on
Customize Clear version/.
- Feb 25 2012
Any Color You Like

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Aug 26 2011
it might but since it's the only distro I'm having an issue with I think I will leave it alone. not sure I want two pythons installed anyway. :)

thanks for the info though :D - Jan 28 2012
it says...
File "/home/louis/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.4/scalable/scripts/", line 7
print "You do not have the gconf module installed, however it is optional."
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
and it's python 3.2.2 - Jan 27 2012
I'm trying to install ACYL in ArchBang but the script is failing with a syntax error. I think it said in line 7. I'm just using the default openbox DE.

any thoughts? - Jan 27 2012
no, that's what it said originally. I changed it to python2 because that has worked in the past. - Apr 07 2011
nevermind. I just had to change the script to say python2.7 instead of python2 - Apr 07 2011
I found one thing. I tried running the script directly in the terminalbut for some reason Xubuntu 11.04 doesn't think the script or the file directory exists, even though I dragged the script directly into the terminal. - Apr 07 2011
I am also having an issue getting the ACYL script to run on Xubuntu 11.04 beta. I changed the script to python2 as well but hasn't helped.

Xubuntu 11.04 is using python 2.7.1
Any thoughts? - Apr 07 2011
that was it. thanks. - Jan 30 2011
For some reason the script to change the colors/styles for 0.9.3 will not run in Fedora 14 but the script for 0.9.2 runs fine.

any thoughts? - Jan 30 2011
actually I looked a little closer at a few different Linux installs I have and it seems for whatever reason, it's not just your icons. Apparently it's just that the quadratic version made it more obvious since it's square and has a border. It seems any icon theme does the same thing. I don't know if certain desktop environments are picking the scalable version of some icons and the pixmap version for others or if it's just some quirk in various Linux distros.

If you still want some screenshots I can post them but it's not just your icons after all. - Jan 20 2011
This has been my favorite icon theme for quite awhile and still is. There is an issue though with the quadratic icons not drawing at the same size. It's a minor issue but when you have icons that are squarish and look like they should line up but don't quite... well you get the idea.
- Jan 19 2011

GTK3 Themes 61 comments

by ninez
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Oct 03 2011
nice theme but I was wondering why the index.theme file says "Atolm-gtk3"? - Dec 24 2011

Full Icon Themes 588 comments

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Sep 05 2017
I know it may be a lot to ask but is there any chance you might do a monochrome version? I'm including a link to what I had in mind... - Apr 11 2011

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Apr 23 2010
smiles... I just wanted you to know I really like this. :) - Feb 08 2011

GTK2 Themes 61 comments

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Jan 12 2011
part of the problem might be the line "sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox" doesn't find and install the equinox engine. it didn't for me. - Feb 05 2011
part of the problem might be the line "sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox" doesn't find and install the equinox engine. it didn't for me. - Feb 05 2011
thanks much. - Jan 10 2011
I was wondering if you could post the link to the wallpaper in the shot. great theme btw. - Jan 10 2011

GTK2 Themes 49 comments

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Dec 16 2010
me again. First of all I really like this theme. I was wondering how difficult it would be to un-bold the panel text?

what I would have to comment out etc. - Dec 23 2010
apparently it was something to do with the distro I was trying to install it on. I just installed it in Debian and it's fine. It might have to do with the fact I had to compile the Equinox engine. Although the Equinox themes seem to work.

anyway, thanks for responding :) - Dec 15 2010
ok, I re-downloaded the archive and now it had 3 themes, paranoid, paranoid 0.3 and paranoid 0.4. the index file for 0.4 actually said MetacityTheme=psp. I changed it to MetacityTheme=Paranoid 0.4. I tried all 3 versions and the controls for all of them are white. Also, in the index file for Paranoid 0.4 there is a suggested Background which points to a folder apparently only you have.

anyway, so far it's not working - Dec 15 2010
btw, in the previous version there were two folders included in the theme archive, one mat and one shiny, now there are just metacity and old metacity. - Dec 15 2010
just downloaded the latest version and am having some problems. I had installed the earlier versions on two other Linux distros. this one when I tried to install it had no index.theme, the theme isn't showing in the appearance panel but the window borders and controls do if I select a theme and select customize, but the controls are showing up as white.

any thoughts? - Dec 15 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes 784 comments

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Nov 16 2010
yes thanks. is what I suspected. :) - Dec 12 2010
I hope this doesn't seem too dumb a question. First I think this is the best pre-packaged theme I've run into. But I do like to try other themes on occasion. My question is, do I need to unload all of Elegant Gnome before I try a different theme? Or, once it's installed, can I just try others by switching themes in the appearance panel?

thanks. - Dec 12 2010
yes, what it meant was, I forgot to click to install it.

duh me - Sep 13 2010
that's what I thought might be the case. I don't have the elegant log in screen at all. should I reinstall? - Sep 13 2010
when I originally installed this in ubuntu, I thought it had its own login screen which doesn't seem to be the case for the Mint version. or am I missing something? - Sep 12 2010
that did the trick, thanks - Sep 12 2010
I'm having a small issue. I installed this in Linux Mint running in VirtualBox and for some reason, the terminal is transparent without guest additions but opaque with them.

any thoughts on how I can fix?

I think this is one of the best looking themes I've seen btw. - Sep 12 2010

GTK2 Themes
by kreator

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9   Feb 11 2011

GTK2 Themes
by Padster

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9   Feb 08 2011