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yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
Yawp configuration is stored in the plasma configuration file. It could happen than plasmoids failed to start are removed by Plasma. In this case, configuration is lost.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this. The best is to re-install all plasmoids when KDE version changing.

Marián - Apr 08 2011
I've no problem with Accuweather. What city do you have set? What version of Yawp are you using? - Feb 04 2011
I just tested yawp 0.3.5 under kde 4.5.1 and cannot confirm. Compilation is OK, plasma-desktop works correctly. Could you paste the crash log?

Marián - Oct 15 2010
Well, we are using an XML feed and there is only forecast for next 5 days. But maybe there is another XML feed.

Marián - Jun 12 2010
And in 0.3.3 which was finally released. Enjoy. - Jun 12 2010
I put the debug instructions to "Knowledge base"

Marián - Mar 18 2010
the number of icon is related only to panel. It has not impact when YaWP is on desktop.

The Accuweather problem happen sometimes, it is a issue on accuweather side. Try later or try different city.

Marián - Jan 14 2010
Check this thread: - Dec 06 2009
You need plasma-addons if I am not mistaken.
- Dec 04 2009
Great, I will pack a version 0.2.2 before or with KDE 4.2.2.

To apply changes in plasmoid is enough to restart plasma:

kquitapp plasma; sleep 3; plasma - Mar 30 2009
Thanks for the report. - Mar 16 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

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Feb 08 2009
I should really find some time to make a couple of changes ..... .. - May 19 2010
Oops, I should not add a clear mail address on the internet.
- Feb 20 2010
Sorry, no not really. Send us a mail at and attach the screen-shot. I will have a look at it.

Cheers - Feb 20 2010
Oxygen for deKorator

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by john007

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Jan 03 2010