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Phil Maness

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Oct 01 2017
I don't know what changed, but now .m4a is working fine. - Sep 05 2010
I'm using the Ubuntu distribution of sK and I can't seem to encode MPEG4 audio since the latest O.S. upgrade. In the previous version of the OS I had it working. Here's some data:
*the encoder log says "can't open /tmp/phil-tmp/(tempfilename).WAV
*I have faac/faad installed
*I can encode mp3, for example
*My source files are .wav format (ripped from CD's)

My first thought was it was some kind of permission problem, but everything seems OK.
What am I missing?

Thanks - Aug 30 2010

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by HessiJames

Score 87.6%
Sep 05 2010