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Apr 03 2007
Hi. To troubleshoot your problem, you might do a few things. First of all, take a look at wlassistant console output (run it from console by typing 'sudo wlassistant' or 'kdesu wlassistant'). You can post it here, if you need more help with it. You can also try to connect manually using 'iwconfig' commands and 'dhcpcd' or 'dhclient' (don't know which one is present in FC). Let me know if that helped. - Aug 13 2007
hi. the file is wlassistantrc. it's in the kde config directory (global or in your home directory), e.g. home/abc/.kde/share/config/.
"locate wlassistantrc" should give you the result. - Jul 22 2007
Hi. Wireless Assistant takes the values for WPA configuration from 'iwlist <iface> scan' output. If it's not there - there's not much I can do at the moment. The parsing will be replaced with iwlib calls, but that may take a while, even though I already started working on it. So if your driver does not report these values in iwlist output, by all means try ndiswrapper. Let me know if that helped. - Jun 08 2007
First, try to 'forget' current settings for the network, if it was configured before WPA was enabled on the access point, then try to connect with reconfiguring.
In case this doesn't work - make sure that "iwlist <iface> scan" returns WPA parameters for your network (post output if unsure).
Cheers - May 24 2007
Hi. Judging from the output of your iwlist command, and this forum thread:
it's your wireless card driver that implements WPA in a non-standard way (not through Wireless Extensions). As suggested in the above-mentioned thread, it seems like choosing installing ndiswrapper and using the native windows driver is the best solution if you want to connect to a WPA-protected network. Let me know how that worked. - Apr 06 2007
Thanks! - Apr 05 2007
Thanks! - Apr 05 2007
I'm not capable of answering this question. You may however see this:
to monitor the the progress. Cheers. - Apr 05 2007
Hi. Wireless Assistant does not use Network Manager in any way. If you meant if it works simultaneously with Network Manager's management - I don't know, haven't tested. Hope that answers your question. Cheers. - Apr 04 2007
Hi. In case you had a different configuration before, chose "Forget Settings..." from the context menu of the WPA2 network, and reconfigure it. In case this does not help, please send me the output of your "iwlist <iface> scan" command (just the section with the WPA2 network). - Apr 04 2007
Hi, Thanks for your comment!
It's like that by design, so the AP is not immediately visible, as it's needed only on very rare occasions and would add to complexity/clutter. It has been like that since 0.5.0. - Apr 03 2007
Thank you for your comments!
For your idea to come true, I first need to separate wlassistant into lib and frontend (as you suggested) AND port it to Qt4, which I don't really have time for, as of now and upcoming months. There exists a rewrite in Qt4 at _very_ early stages of development, but I had to stop working on it due to lack of time. So, as soon as I manage to start the porting, I will get back to your idea. It doesn't seem feasible earlier. Thanks. - Apr 03 2007
I do realize that. There's already experimental WPA-PSK support in my local copy, so wait a bit for the next release. Thanks for your comment! - Feb 22 2007
That's a known problem and I'll do my best to solve it in the next release. Thanks for your comment! - Feb 15 2007
ok, this looks like a repeating problem. I'll look into that and it should be fixed with the next release to come soon. thx! - Feb 11 2007
please email me your console output. thx. - Feb 10 2007
thanks! sooner rather than later. as for now, you can try using the pre/post connection commands in the advanced tab of connection settings to run wpa_supplicant. feedback is always welcome! - Jan 17 2007
Ad-Hoc was disabled at some point, as it didn't really work. Should be redone in 0.5.6 release but I didn't find the time to do it. It's on the TODO list for next version. Contact me at my email if you wish to help or test at a later time. Thanks for your comment. - Dec 05 2006
Thanks for pointing this out. That reminded me, that the key is also visible in the connection properties edit dialog. Will fix.
Cheers. - Dec 02 2006
Hi. Thanks for the information!
Actually, it's something I CAN reproduce and will definitely look into that. Cheers. - Mar 15 2006
Hi. Thanks for reporting this problem!
Could you please post this question together with the console output on the public forums (homepage link above)? it will be easier to hunt the problem down there. And please specify what wireless card and kernel module for it are you using. Thanks in advance! - Feb 24 2006
thanks for your comment.
the qt4 rewritten/overhauled program i'm working on will support WPA. At first only by calling the wpa_gui (part of wpa_supplicant). Depending on how well/poorly this will work, it might be changed in the far future.
Pawel - Dec 28 2005
Hi. Could you specify it a little more? Thx. - Nov 21 2005
I'm already working on a Qt4 based rewrite of wlassistant which will support monitoring and all the fancy features many users wished for. It will be a totally redesigned application, so extending its functionality won't be as much of a pain as it is with the current version. It's just not designed well and was written without a precise plan.
This also means that I don't think I'll have the time to add any significant features to the KDE 3.x wlassistant though, most likely just bug fixes and small improvements.
Stay tuned and in some time you will see the best wlassistant ever ;)
Pawel. - Nov 01 2005
"Restricted" is a wireless-tools name that is equivalent with "Shared Key" (as opposed to "Open")
So, if you want 'restricted' use 'shared'. It's the same thing.
Cheers. - Oct 03 2005
I am aware that this problem has not been fixed yet. Even though I tried, I could not reproduce this crash even once... in that case, fixing this is totally dependant on the users' (like you;) feedback and debugger/console/other outputs they send me. Any help is appreciated and I won't be able to fix this without it.
PS: If you feel like helping out, feel free to write to my email. - Sep 09 2005
Oh. Actually it seems like you're using a very old wlassistant version (0.3.x). The above post assumes you are using at least 0.5.0. I do recommend that you download the 0.5.4. Good luck. - Sep 01 2005
1st: you do not set the path do dhclient - it's detected automatically (look at console output for detected DHCP client). The things you do set in the config file are path to .pid file and path to file with lease information (read only purposes).
If you have problems obtaining an IP address via DHCP, try increasing the DHCP client timeout in the options.
If you still have problems - what does console output say? Does it work if you run dhclient manually from the console?
Hope that helps. - Sep 01 2005
Hi. Pniging some host on the internet is useful in some cases. Getting a dhcp lease means only that you were connected to the access point. If you're connected to AP but it has some problems or you need to login via a webpage before accessing network - you might want to know whether internet is yet accessible or not. That's why wlassistant since 0.5.4 has 3 different connection states: not connected, connected to AP and connected to internet. - Sep 01 2005
wlassistantrc can be found in ~/.kde/share/config/
In your case set the set the following line in the wlassistantrc [Paths] section:
DHCP PID File (dhclient)=/var/run/
'%1' will be substituted with the interface name. Let me know if you succeeded!
NOTE: b/c wlassistant uses sudo, you might need to be root to edit this file. - Sep 01 2005
I'm not sure about this answer since I had no chance to test it, so consider it a guess:
wlassistant accepts any WEP key that iwconfig does. AFAIK iwconfig supports ASCII keys. You should just prepend "s:" to it. That would be "s:abcde" in your case. Let me know if it works! - Sep 01 2005
Thanks for that comment!
Motivation boosters are exactly what I need to keep working on the app.
Cheers. - Aug 28 2005
It's the one I created myself, so you may consider it a noname. Sent it to you by email. - Aug 28 2005
ok, will thing about it. Till then, you can run 'wlassistant --version' in the console. - Aug 27 2005
It is planned for the 0.6.0 release. - Aug 27 2005
You need wireless-tools 27 for this to compile. If you are using version 26 or earlier (and it seems so) it should compile if you change all occurences of 'iw_sockets_close' with just 'close' in watools.cpp.
I'll make it work with older wireless-tools in the next release. - Aug 27 2005
Looks like it's not just your problem (2 posts up). Looks like I'll have to look into that anyway... - Aug 25 2005
Hi. Thanks for the comments and ideas. The ability to run a user-specified command after connecting will be most likely added soon. As to the scanning problems on some systems, could you email me which line you removed/changed to solve it, so I can think the problem over and implement some fix? Thanks. - Aug 25 2005
There'll be a 0.5.4 release within days and it will include knoppix based debian packages. The creator of these packages reported no problems, so you might want to try them.
Thanks for the feedback. - Aug 25 2005
Nice idea! Some sort of blacklist... hm... one more item on my todo list. :) Thanks! - Aug 10 2005
Ok. As there are some drivers that don't create '/wireless' subdirectory in sysfs, next version will include some solution to force usage of user-selected interface. Give me some time and it'll be there. It not a true and universal solution, but it'll work for now. - Aug 07 2005
Is it an AiroNet card? - Aug 07 2005
Hi! Thank you for the comment and suggestions!
I was aware of the problem since I'm using my laptop in a cafe quite often... Your comment reminded me that maybe it's time to deal with the problem. ;) This will be done in the near future, so stay tuned! :)
Oh, and thanks for the words of appreciation! :)
Cheers. - Aug 05 2005
Hi. Do you still have these problems with 'e' or 'f' release? Should be gone... - Aug 04 2005
Press 'Configure...', uncheck 'Honor KDE single click' and you'll have your desired behavior. The caption will not change to 'Disconnect' though if connected item is selected... Pressing it will disconnect. This will be modified soon.
Thanks for your feedback! - Aug 04 2005
Fade out inactive screen areas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Sep 25 2006
...wouldn't it make working with more than one window quite difficult? - Sep 27 2006
Greyhound KDE mockup

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by drx
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Sep 09 2005
This is just wonderful! Thanks for the beautiful artwork/idea! :) I'm looking forward to have KDE 4.1 look like this! ;)
LOL - Sep 09 2005

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Jan 17 2013
Great job! Couldn't wait for a KDE bittorrent client! Thanks! - Sep 06 2005
HOW-TO install

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by jev
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Aug 03 2004
If the default hand cursor appears regardless of the cursor theme, you might fix this by adding the line below in your ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals in the "General" section:
Actually, you might set this value to anything but "Windows". - Aug 29 2005
Polar Cursor Theme

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May 07 2006
Same problem, with any cursor theme. It's strange, since all proper cursors are shown in gtk2 apps like firefox... - Aug 28 2005