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Christoph Roesch Doss, United States of America
TextRipper (aka T-Rip)

Nautilus Scripts by kickass 19 comments

I am getting this error

/home/christoph/Downloads/dog_petition10001.jpg (editable and indexable 001.txt does not exist

And I believe I installed everything correctly.

I have Zenity, Tesseract-ocr, Tesseract-ocr-eng, imagemagick, libtiff4-dev, ghostscript.

Any help would be appreciated. I have tried it on different images in different formats, jpg, png, pdf. Same error for all - Apr 23 2011

GTK2 Themes by alecive 24 comments

On your Checkcal script. What is it supposed to display? Yes I know the calendar. But is it supposed to display notes? or whatever things you have in your Evolution Calendar.

Cause right now I have added a my google calendar to Evolution Calendar. Anyways when I open the checkcal conky script nothing shows up from notes, my personal calendar or my google calendar.

Also your checkmem clickable conky script doesn't come up at all. nothing happens - Apr 22 2011
Googlecl with GUI

Utilities by angenoir71 4 comments

OK i finally figured out how to do it. it was very confusing. that i had to type 'google help' then google picasa help' then 'google picasa post' but i got it.

So i did it also with youtube and all. And i then went through the GUI, but how do i find out what percent it is on uploading a vid to youtube? if uploading at all? - Sep 02 2010
Googlecl with GUI

Utilities by angenoir71 4 comments

How or where do i enter my password and username for this script to work - Sep 01 2010

GTK2 Themes
by alecive

9   Apr 22 2011