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ponty saha Dhaka, Bangladesh

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 45 comments

First of all, your theme is one of the best in gnome-look. Your choice of the fonts is what makes this theme so beautiful. But I have a suggestion about the fonts- Calibri looks really cool, but in Firefox 3 the web pages Calibri doesn't really look good. I used Lucida Grande Bold at size 7 and it doesn't clash with Firefox.
Just sth to make this great theme greater. - Sep 03 2008
Leopard look Emerald Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by onyxrev 4 comments

Is there a way i can place the close, minimize and the maximize button on the left side to make it more mac like? - Sep 03 2007

Gnome Screenshots by bansteen 1 comment

Elegant. Which theme are you using? - Aug 29 2007

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 101 comments

Actually I'm using Gnome. I saw that Thunar is for xfce. Is there any way to do the same with Gnome?
Thanks for your reply. - Aug 29 2007

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 101 comments

The iMetal theme is one of my favourites.How can I make the icons in the file manager side pane look just like in your screenshot? - Aug 29 2007
Tux versus Ms butterfly

GDM Themes by alcapcom 14 comments

Eat the butterfly!!!Great GDM. Thanks. - May 16 2007
dead bird

Wallpaper Other by endo26 2 comments

Great timing. I have to say it doesn't make an excellent wallpaper but the idea is good. - May 10 2007
Iron Maiden

GDM Themes by 8426 3 comments

UP THE IRONS!!! - May 09 2007
"Borealis" sound theme

System Sounds by SlipStreamScapes 107 comments

Ultra sound theme. The Startup sounds remind me of Gran Turismo. - Apr 27 2007
ATER 5 color

Metacity Themes by Simzer 72 comments

Great metatheme. It especially goes well with my Nutronium theme. - Apr 13 2007