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Utilities by adgellida

Thanks for your utility, but I have to inform you that it does NOT work in Kubuntu 20.04 beta giving the following error:

ubunsys: symbol lookup error: ubunsys: undefined symbol: _ZdlPvm, version Qt_5

Hoping you solve that bug. - Apr 04 2020
Arc-Ice 1.3

Ice-WM Themes by jolmasch 4 comments

Very nice theme! Which kind of fonts and icons are you using in the sample picture above? - Feb 26 2019

System Software by hazel-dev 19 comments

Installed and loaded normally after run... but when simply selecting 'Network traffic' it exits. It seems a segmentation problem error, probably in libsysactivity... - Jul 28 2015
KDE 5 look

QtCurve by schnelle 40 comments

Very very very good job!

...Even if I prefere previous old icon theme (more similar to real KDE 5 icon theme).

When may we aspect a grub and plymouth in "KDE 5 look" to complete your work? - May 03 2015

Dolphin Service Menus by MaxM74 6 comments

Tested on Mint 17 with KDE 4.14 but there are problems both during installation and usage. Hope to see fixes soon... - Sep 10 2014

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by zayronXIO 6 comments

Very very beatiful theme!
What kind of icons and wallpaper did you use in the example screenshot? - Jun 27 2012