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Praveena Sarathchandra Kandy, SriLanka

Graphic Apps by laumaya 5 comments

Hi Laumaya,

After struggling to get many 3D model loaders working on Qt, and failing since most of those were old versions, today was a lucky day to me as I could integrate GLC_LIB into my Qt app successfully.

Highly recommended if anyone's looking for a hassle-free, Qt model loader. Quick response on the Forum is also satisfactory.

Cheers! - Jan 17 2012
QtOgre Framework

Graphic Apps by PolyVox 6 comments

Hi, Thanks a lot for your wonderful framework.
Can i know how to use your pre-built Windows version with Qt?

- Jan 11 2012

Graphic Apps
by laumaya

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9   Jan 17 2012