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Premier Sullivan

Plasma Themes by painkiller101 9 comments

How is it that this file was created by inkscape but inkscape refuses to open it? Does anyone else have this problem? - Jul 04 2008
Furius Karamba Suite

Karamba & Superkaramba by marcusfurius 14 comments

It seems like the graph shows you using about 95% of your ram. Since you have 2GB, thats probably not the case, rather you are using some < 75% of your ram with the rest being cache. Are you accounting for cache? IMO, the "real" ram usage is more important because it limits what you can do at one time... ideally, the cache is always taking up the extra ram, so it will always be near 100% - Aug 24 2007
'CylonMinimal' Window Decoration for KDE

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by industrie13 27 comments

Just an annoyance... for me, there is a little white gap between the minimize and maximize buttons. Doesn't seem to matter how i configure it. This is different from your screen shot. I'm using all three buttons... i tried with and without spacers, same story. - Aug 22 2007
Alarm Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by premierSullivan 8 comments

I know exactly what your are talking about. There are some cases I can't code for, like suspend or hardware mute buttons, but I'll make sure to implement a "by any means neccassary" method to have the event of the alarm happen. I know its pretty embarrasing to say, "boss, I came in late today beacuse my alarm clock applet didn't unmute the speakers on my laptop." - Aug 19 2007
KIO Slave sysinfo:/

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jerrad 241 comments

Hi, could you add the root hard drive to the system info page, so we can see the amount of space on our primary hard drives? also, the nice looking blue fade needs to be larger for 1920x1200 monitors.

Its a little weird that the cpu icon says amd when i have an intel chip... can that also be fixed? - Jun 05 2007

Video Apps by RockMan81 102 comments

My mistake, the file was calDonnie.Darko.The.Directors.Cut.2001.CD1.XviD.Kasset.subled - Jun 05 2007

Video Apps by RockMan81 102 comments

This isn't a big deal, but its really funny: I have a file called Donnie.Darko.The.Directors.Cut.2001.CD1.XviD.Kasset
and mplayerThumbs generated a really strange looking preview for it (its a subtitle file). The preview was all pink and corrupted... it was weird. - Jun 05 2007

System Software by shozaemon 38 comments

Hi, this applet is nice, but its basically useless unless we can change the size of the numbers for free space. Mine are about twice as big as they need to be and I can't read the numbers. - Jun 05 2007
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror by panzi 110 comments

There seems to be no method to download .deb files in kubuntu using konqueror. Has anyone else had this issue? - May 31 2007
Window Decoration Generator (decgen)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by maitre 77 comments

Does anyone else notice that this guy has a HUGE desktop? I mean, I'm running 1900x1200, and I'm pretty sure he's bigger. Where do you find a monitor to support that? - May 12 2007
FutureTech BlackBlue Cyberpunk

KDE 3 Color Schemes by microchip 14 comments

I love the scheme. For some reason my computer doesn't show the text on the menu bar (black on black). if I move my mouse over it, the menu buttons get highlighted in light blue. If I change the background color to blue, the text changes right with it. But if I change the background to white, the text changes to black so it legible. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Otherwise, great scheme. I always wanted something that could change the window areas to white-on-black (easier on the eyes imo and cooler of course). The problem is that there is always one application or website that decides to do white-on-white or black-on-black (bad web design?) Real annoying. - May 10 2007

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

This program should have been written a decade ago. - May 04 2007
Konqueror "natural" file sorting (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lenooh 19 comments

According the to page posted by the above poster, ls -sort=version will do this correctly already. What library function does konquorer use to sort? Would it be possible to use ls? - Apr 27 2007
Amarok Fades in/out on Play/Pause

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by premierSullivan 5 comments

I'm not sure, but I think this has already been implemented: crossfade. Is that what you're thinking of?

Also, to the people above: I would expect it to be configurable-- probably off on default. But if you listen, there is a rather annoying 'pop' when you press play/pause. - Apr 27 2007