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prizident prizident Rostov-Father, Russian Federation
Idea: Save Amarok 1.4

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

Score 38.2%
Oct 10 2014
I'm using trinity and am pretty happy about it - Oct 16 2012
EKO sound editor

Music Production 2 comments

Score 72.2%
Mar 08 2017
Available in arcon overlay for gentoo - Jan 11 2012

Audioplayers 153 comments

Score 82.3%
Mar 23 2019
pretty nice player, but some bugs present:
- Doesn't support "various artists"
- Multiple collections is a nice feature, but it's not obvious how to use it.
- Some tracks cannot be played, for unknown reason ( apparently cannot treat ! sign correctly in filenames)
Though I will keep an eye on yarock - Dec 22 2011
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

Video Apps 146 comments

Score 65.7%
Jul 11 2010
gentoo users may find the package in the arcon overlay - Jul 21 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

Score 85.2%
Mar 04 2012
Thanks for this great app. I'm now waiting for more effects using this idea :)

A small wish from me as gentoo package mainteainer. Please include version number in tarball name. - Dec 23 2009
Subtitle Composer

Video Apps 181 comments

Score 78.6%
May 25 2009
Are there any plans on implementing visual typesetting? - Apr 23 2008
mplayer doesn't show ssa files produced by the program and in ass files styles are messed up - Dec 17 2007
I've made a mockup with some UI changes wich IMO Subcomposer lacks - Nov 17 2007
Setting timig via spinbox is all ways more convinient then via slider. You could also add both of them - slider for easy seeking and spinbox for fine adjustment. Also you can avoid too high loads by making a small pause after last change of spinbox and only after that perform real seeking - Nov 17 2007
Would be nice to have a spinbox to quickly adjust subtitles sync, and then easily aplly these values to selected/all subtitles.
Also waveform is very nice feature from SubtitleEditor - Nov 16 2007
2. I didnt mean to select subtitles, but just highlight current line with some color
1. Jump to dialog won't be very useful if I want to ajust current video position by some seconds, so changin text label with spinbox will allow me to do it quickly with mouse wheel
3. I mean setting any of two subtitle spinboxes (show or hide) to current movie time with just a button click. Now I should only input it from keyboard, but that's inconvinient - Nov 16 2007
1. It would be great to manualy set current video position, as it's done for subtitles - via spinbox
2. Also you could highlite phrase which is currently being shown
3. Add a small button near subtitle timing spinboxes, which will set spinbox value to current movie time - Nov 16 2007
It's a "Move" tab in Ksubtile. I select required phrase, then play movie to the time where this phrase begins, then press button with small clock and phrase begining is being set to the current movie time. And all of of the rest subtitles are shifted accordingly (but not those which are before this phrase). Also in this mode I can only change timing for beginning of phrase, end time is shifted automatically, so duration doesn't change - Nov 16 2007
In most cases I use only one feature for subtitle editing - and use Ksubtile for this. Select a phrase from list, then select it's timing and move it and all the rest phrases accordingly. I dont have to select all phrases, but just first, and all others are moved as well/ Would be nice to have such feature - Nov 15 2007
i like this app, would be very nice to have translation feature and wave form - Nov 15 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 305 comments

Score 72.5%
Oct 22 2010
can you please include version number in the tarball name. - Apr 22 2008

Network 20 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 16 2009
it's just an awesome app. waiting for futher development - Apr 21 2008
Xeonyx Cursors

Cursors 12 comments

Score 74.0%
Feb 11 2011
please add version number to the tarball name in the future releases - Feb 24 2008
Gmail Notify

Plasma 4 Extensions 24 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 10 2008
you can make usege of kwallet optional with a chakbox in config dialog. BTW all kde apps use kwallet (for me it's kopete, konqueror, kmail, kdesvn) to store passwords and it is considered quite safe - Feb 13 2008

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Feb 06 2008
very nice - Feb 07 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 57 comments

by iovar
Score 50.0%
Aug 19 2008
please add version number to tarball name, i.e. plasma-am3rok-0.1.tar.gz - Feb 06 2008

Video Apps 20 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 26 2008
gentoo ebuild is available as a part of Arcon overlay (layman -a arcon) - Feb 04 2008
FALF Player

Audio Apps 122 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 14 2008
i left non7top overlay in favour of arcon overlay. so gentoo users can just install arcon overlay via layman (layman -a arcon) and get an updated ebuild - Feb 04 2008
I really like the feature of tabbed playlists. And some advices: put all controls in toolbars. Also some controls are too small for localized strings

gentoo ebuild is available as a part of non7top overlay - Dec 24 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
Score 80.7%
Apr 16 2014
it's the best gui player ever :) thanks for your work - Jan 31 2008
Media Arhciver

Utilities 3 comments

by xfire
Score 50.0%
Jan 26 2008
didn't find how to add contents of inserted media to the app for later search - Jan 17 2008
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
Score 70.0%
Feb 26 2008
you can have an option to toggle fullcompact view in the context menu, like in kaffeine. Nobody will be confused - Jan 15 2008

Utilities 11 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 14 2009
gentoo ebuilds can be found in arcon overlay (layman -a arcon) - Jan 13 2008
KIO Slave appinfo:/

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 03 2008
available as a part of non7top overlay here - Jan 03 2008
please add version to tarball name, i.e. appinfo-0.1.tar.bz2 It would be convenient for feature releases - Jan 03 2008

Utilities 176 comments

Score 78.0%
Jun 02 2020
Is there any plans to port this app to qt/kde? - Dec 11 2007

Network 24 comments

by CKulT
Score 50.0%
Dec 11 2007
The problem is that app bocomes unresponsible if it serves large amount of connections. It stays hung untill all messages are shown in popup, in case of torrent there is 10-50 connections in a second. I know that there are some ways to avoid this problem, but also its very easy to hang up kconnections - just select "All connections" in tray icon context menu while running torrent client. - Dec 08 2007
and if I accidentaly select not white list but black list in options or context menu while runnig torrent? killall kconnections - Dec 07 2007
but the app still freezes (tray menu doesn't appear because of lots popup messages) when there's a lot of connections. The only solution in such situations was killall kconnections - Dec 07 2007
I have some small problems with .desktop file, looks like it doesn't follow specifications
/usr/share/applications/kde/kconnections.desktop: value "kconnections.png" for key "Icon" in group "Desktop Entry" is an icon name with an extension, but there should be no extension as described in the Icon Theme Specification if the value is not an absolute path -- value "Qt;KDE;Application;Network" for string list key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" does not have a semicolon (';') as trailing character - Dec 07 2007
running torrents make this app go crazy because of hundreds of connections to/from random ports. Is it possible to watch only specified ports but not all? - Dec 06 2007
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps 324 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 14 2007
i have white icons with question mark everywhere instead of stars - Nov 27 2007
Disk Manager

System Software 18 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 20 2007
home diskman-0.9.7 # diskman
error: g_spawn_command_line_sync: Failed to execute child process "/usr/sbin/diskman.bin" (No such file or directory)
home diskman-0.9.7 # /usr/kde/3.5/sbin/diskman.bin

biaries got installed at wrong locations for me. my system is gentoo - Nov 20 2007

System Software 44 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 17 2007
it would be very nice to have a kio-slave for this. - Nov 02 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2007
may be you should bump up version number as you change the contents of the tarball - Oct 14 2007