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Giuseppe Rota Brescia, Italy
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Dec 16 2007
try stripping the debug symbols from it with:
strip align_image_stack
before the "make install" step, or before moving/copying it to a directory named in the PATH var.
- Sep 20 2007
Once you have an HDR image loaded up in the workspace you have to tone map it (use the big button, shortcut:CTRL+T) to get an LDR (like Jpeg). Only after the tone mapping step has been performed you can save it as jpeg. - Sep 17 2007
1) qtpfsgui provides a one-to-one exif data copying feature, maybe that can help you cope with that problem.
I'm curious, how is it possible that the aperture value and the exposure time info in the exif data can end up being wrong??
Another workaround is to use a different application to erase all your exif data (qtpfsgui doesn't have that capability).
Just remember that if you are dealing with only one image then you can set the EV value at an arbitrary level, the histogram will only be translated left or right, you can find the mathematical reasoning here (pretty hardcore stuff):

2) Does it still crash with 1.8.8?
- May 17 2007
1) if the checkbox is grayed-out and you cannot specify any value manually, it means that Qtpfsgui is using the correct values from the exif data in your image.
In that case there is no need to specify the exposure values manually, Qtpfsgui is already using the correct ones automatically.

2) Yes there were several bugs that crept in (especially in the windows version) but with the latest version (1.8.8) all of them have been fixed.

3) Saving a tonemapped LDR in a 16 bit format makes little sense (to me, at least) :)
Here's a discussion we had a while back on flickr:

- May 16 2007
I didn't know about that. I'll try to remember to give them a holler. They could also help me diminish the memory footprint. - Mar 21 2007