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Jan 24 2010
i know this, because the format of the image data sent to org.freedesktop.Notifications (== KDE4.4) is different from the one sent to org.kde.VisualNotifications. I will fix that in the next release. - Jan 24 2010
the color of the notification is determined by your plasma theme, so if you don't have a black theme, then there will be no black notification.

currently i use KDE 4.3 so the libnotify plugin doesn't work for me (but i know this) - Jan 24 2010
Okay, i think i found out what the problem is. kde 4.4 doesn't seem to provide the service 'org.kde.VisualNotifications' anymore like the versions before. that means, you cannot use this plugin under kde 4.4. i don't have kde 4.4 installed, but maybe i can try it out later in a vm. kde 4.4 should provide the service 'org.freedesktop.notifications', which is dbus' generic notifications system, but using this in the plugin, that would mean you cannot use the plugin in kde < 4.4, but in every desktop implementing this notification system. - Jan 23 2010
I used this plugin under gnome, and it loaded fine, although it shouldn't. i guess you know what you're doing and run it under kde4. Could you please print the debug output when you are loading the plugin?
i will have a look at this... - Jan 20 2010
Hi all,
i updated visnotes another time (v0.1.2). As you said, the configure file didn't include the search paths for dbus-1. Now, when you compile it, all necessary search paths are given to gcc as an argument when you invoke make. I hope this is working for you now. Sorry for the inconveniences (i think i know the autotools much better now ...) - Jan 20 2010
Hi javier,
i guess you mean i should add the include path? I am not really sure why, but imo the include paths are already in there. I updated the configure so it looks for glib-devel and glib-dbus-devel (configure didn't do this before in v0.1). It should compile well now, if everything is installed properly.

@ all: pls comment! does it work for you and are there any problems? do you miss a feature? - Jan 15 2010