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Martin Eitzenberger Vienna, Austria
Peagle (Beagle Web-Interface)

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Apr 25 2006

Currently you have to start the beagled on your own, and configure it with the tools shipped with beagle... In future it will be possible to do this with peagle itself, but intil then you got to do it yourself

Martin - Jul 13 2006

Yep, this is possible, but I haven't implemented this yet - The Process of sending a file is pretty easy, but the app is working right now with only one process, witch makes this feature quite uncomftable to use...

But I planned it for some time, maybe I'll take the evening and do it when I find the time ;-) (in fact it's not so hard to do, but I've a lot of stress at moment)

Martin - May 23 2006
This is if you restart peagle to quickly after shutting it down... Unless I find a way to cleanup the socket, you have to wait approx. A minute before restarting peagle after shutting it down...

Peagle now runs as deamon, e.g. you have to shut it down via "control" or by running "killall peagle" ... You can see if there are running stalled peagle sessions by calling "ps -Af | grep peagle"

I'll try to find out about this charset-problem, but for now I'm not really sure about it... - Apr 26 2006
It seems to be a problem with the charset of your mount... How does it look like in shell/konqueror when you go to the desired directory and list it's contents? Do you see it with the right encoding??

Try the following (you need the package smbclient installed):

smbmount //your_server/yourshare -o iocharset=big5 /wherever/you/want/to/mount/it

The point is to specify the right charset to the mount, I think... Try playing arround with the charset, maybe try utf8 or so... Probably even the codepage is not right... however, when you found the right charset, things worked out

see man smbmount for more details

you could then put the thing to your fstab with the right options

Tell me if you're confused, then I'll describe in detail about smbfs and codepages... (un? ;-) ) fortunately it doesn't look to be a problem about beagle...

Martin - Apr 25 2006
Okay, this is the new release... Please tell me if it works for you, I tried to implement some charset-independance... Try using "UTF-8" or "BIG-5"-Charset in settings...

However, tell me what you think ;-)

Have Fun!
Martin - Apr 25 2006
Will be changed on the next release - Apr 25 2006
And witch Desktop do you use? KDE? Gnome? What version?

The new package is ready shortly - Apr 25 2006
And witch Desktop do you use? KDE? Gnome? What version?

The new package is ready shortly - Apr 25 2006
Have you tried setting the "desktop"-setting to "link"? (peagle.php, top section) Does it work for you?

After all, what desktop environment do you use?

(I currently prepare a version supporting non-latin letters - what charset do you use?) - Apr 25 2006
Ah! Maybe you meant that you don't see the files in there...


Be patient... Right now beagle is a bit slow... So just wait a while (see the "status" and "index"-pages of peagle) and the files will appear - Apr 25 2006

Thanks for telling me about the charset-problem... It's beacause I didn't use Unicode, but I'll do so in future, and then peagle will be able to use any charset beagle can use...

About your window-mount:
Did you use Version 0.1 or 0.2?

In 0.2 the feature for remote access is currently ... "not recommended"... After basically finishing the GUI I try to focus more on standalone search...


Basically I could implement "downloading" - That you can download the found data files like any other files via your browser. From 0.2 this would require some modifications on the server-parts, but it could work...

Direct access to the Windows Drives would require a path translation, and this is a bit too much work for now... If you want to index and use data only on windows, and have beagle running in linux, then I prefer that you use stg. like google desktop on windows ;-) (at least until beagle gets a bit more stable)

Or did I misunderstood you? - Apr 25 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

by dbera
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Jan 17 2008
KDE/GNOME... KDE existed one year before GNOME :-) ... So it was the other way, they created Gnome as more free alternative to KDE, but since licensing topics changed, it's just a virtual competition between two good things :-) - Apr 26 2006

I think it is a nice idea... What do you think about a Peagle-Link on top of the result link (as in google desktop and so on)? "Open more results in a browser" or so with a link to http://localhost:7324/search?q={QUERY} , if "peagle" is running... Would be quite a nice feature...

See for more infos about Peagle

Have Fun!
Martin - Apr 25 2006
StarCraft Sounds (for KDE/LICQ)

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Oct 12 2001
You can play them in native form, but it suxx that they are compiled and linked against the win32 framework ;-) ... I just like that they make good code, therefore it is easy to play their games in the only true win32-environment: wine ;-) - Feb 01 2006
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Rei/Proxima)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Feb 04 2004
Tank you :-)

Could you do it with my other splash-screen too?

(I currently didn't try KDE 3.2, so I'm not sure about the new features)

If you tell me how, I could try to prepare the next splash-screens

Martin - Feb 05 2004