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Robert Forsyth Chichester, Great Britain
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 20 comments

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Jan 19 2010
Your idea is a very good, for the open/launch of tiny windows to be super large and shrink to proper size to alert the user

Although I like the idea of the close disappearing to the horizon, it might be 'surprising'! - Jan 20 2010
Off the top of my head.

Apps would probably squish to the Kickoff app or dedicated Plasma kicker

Documents would probably squish to the best folder: the leafyish visible folder in the document's path, failing that the same as the application. - Jan 20 2010
I'm not against 'prettying' the user-interface, but could these transitions help the user?

If a document window is closed, perhaps it would squish itself into the folder where it is saved, and such like. - Jan 19 2010

Beryl/Emerald Themes 1 comment

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Sep 12 2009
If you are going to use colours than more accessible words or icons, then the colours should be in a standard order:
traffic lights: red, amber, green (for top to bottom cultures); or
teletext buttons: red, green, yellow, blue (for left to right cultures).

I'm not going to argue, the emotive effect of each colour and what action it might represent. - Sep 13 2009

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

by seba
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Sep 02 2009
The "Apps" icon implies install,
"Artwork" - Devel / Interface builder
"Help" - PDF books
"Tmp" - Timezone / Time and Date

"Artwork" might have a paint-brush or corner-of-picture-frame icon,
"Help" - teacher or tool-tip,
"Tmp" - hourglass or scaffolding or cooling-rack or rusting/decay,
"Apps" - the Kicker with arrow or product-box in disk (implying installed) or leave as installing app-box. - Aug 08 2009
Hot look

People 2 comments

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Aug 02 2009
Are you? - Aug 02 2009

Wallpaper Other
by yesi

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9   Sep 22 2013

Karamba & Superkaramba
by ultr

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9   Sep 23 2010