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by pvp
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Feb 04 2008
Now we are talking....

Well, I really need to document how this whole app works, but now - straight to the question:
The TagEditor dialog should come up only if you have selected file(s), either in the Catalog tab, OR in the Search tab.
Here is the tricky part - if you selected ONLY ONE file - the dialog should come up and allow you to modify the selected file's tags (buttons grayed out). BUT if you select MORE than one file, then and ONLY THEN the buttons become active.
The navigation buttons on the TagEdit dialog become active only with 2+ files selected.

Hope this clarifies the subject! - Jan 31 2008
Which buttons are greyed out? You mean the buttons "Previous", "Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Next" ? Let me explain:
Currently kmk launches "xmms" as external player - this means xmms has to be installed, and the binary must be located in the current user's $PATH environment variable.
However, there is no graying out in kmk - the buttons appear normal, but simply do not do what they are supposed to do if something is not right.
In the Settings dialog - there are things greyed out - I disabled the GUI controls for what simply isn't there yet. The greyed out ones - I want to make available.
Are we understanding each other?

P.S. Thanks for testing! I really appreciate the feedback, even more would be great! - Jan 31 2008
Oh, and if you choose option 3) from the above, you need to do it AFTER running ./configure and BEFORE make
(...or so at least I think...)
- Jan 24 2008

I figured this one out:
the problem is that by default
most distros have taglib includes
in /usr/include/taglib - the prefix
while taglib is being installed/compiled is --prefix=/usr.
Here is the problem - when I started working on kmk, I didn't know how to tell the configure script where to look for taglib, and because I had it installed by hand, I just looked for it, and hardcoded it.... you see, if you just run "./configure; make; sudo make install" most programs install with --prefix=/usr/local.

And from all this yada-yada, you can do several things to get kmk working:
1) symlink /usr/include/taglib to /usr/local/include/taglib (this one sucks)
2) reinstall taglib-1.4 with "./configure --prefix=/usr"
3) go to line 346 in kmk- and change the line:
INCLUDES = $(all_includes) -I/usr/local/include/taglib
to read
INCLUDES = $(all_includes) -I/usr/include/taglib

Decide which, try it, and please, report what happened - I think I'm starting to get what needs to be changed so these problems will be handled in a sane manner..

Thanks - Jan 24 2008
would you please, post the output of:

user@machine# taglib-config --cflags --libs --version --prefix - Jan 24 2008
Well, I need to say that I am developing kmk on Slackware 12 linux - what is your distro?
Also, I am using taglib-1.4, of which you could find a copy on the homepage of kmk:

I need to make clear that the autoconf/automake scripts of kmk are like a black box to me - currently I am looking into making kmk use the CMake build system, so... If you provide more info, I'll try to help - but no promises. - Jan 24 2008