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Audio Apps 37 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 20 2007
Unfortunately I don't mantain it anymore... I'm no more a gambas developer, just turned to QT + c++ and I don't use mpd anymore, sorry.
I keep the project on kde-apps to let you be free to download the sources and maybe keep it updated!
Cheers - Dec 03 2011
What a stupid bug, I've just fixed it and I'll soon release a bugfix release.
This is a pre-prerelease so it's normal it does not work perfectely!
Thanks for having posted this bug, if you discover other ones please tell me
And for the cpu problem, I think it's a gambas related prob with dual core cpus. I'll make a deeper search! - Oct 20 2007
Hi, I'll soon (this day) release a new version of lnkMusic with a totally different way to manage playlists so there will not be the error you've just posted ;)
It will be 100% compatible with the last gambas version. Anyway with gambas 1.9.5 it uses 0-1% of cpu (Athlon xp 2600+) so it's strange it uses 15% of your cpu. I'll make some tests :) - Oct 14 2007
Sorry I was out for holidays!
I haven't compiled gambas 1.9.50 yet, anyway I'll try it and update the changes, with an added translation
Thanks for your signalling! - Aug 19 2007
Can you join on #gambas if you're online?
Here I'll help you directly to discover the problem and to solve it! - Aug 13 2007
it is not possible!
On my pc it uses less (cpu and memory) resources than gmpc!
Can you tell me how many items are in the playlist? I've tried with playlists with 12000~ items with no problems - Aug 13 2007
Thanks! I'm actively working on this program and I'll soon update a bugfix release. It will be very faster and stable then the first version, so stay connected! :D - Aug 13 2007
The program is called lnkMusic (with the L)
maybe I'll need to rename it in the future, i didn't think there was another project called inkmusic :) - Aug 11 2007
the album covers will be added in the next versions, with the possibility to fetch artist/song info and a playlist system.
you can change the osd position! just go to the options, osd tab and drag the osd wherever you want :)
The trasparent icon will be added too in the future versions
expect great changes in the next versions! - Aug 10 2007
It's your opinion and I respect it.
If you think it's better to write native c/c++ app write one and then tell me.
Gambas is an interpreter like perl or python, so i don't know why you think it's so bad, anyway it is simply perfect for my needs and it's light enough to install it only to have a program like this. - Aug 10 2007
try to rebuild the sources:
open the project, then click on
project -> clean up
and then:
project -> compile all
if you have all the libs correctly installed it has to work (tested on other machines with gambas 1.9.49) - Aug 10 2007
to run it you need to install gambas2 (version 1.9.49). Here is the link:

There are binaries too for many distributions, just take a look at the download section of gambas - Aug 10 2007
I'm sorry but amarok uses a totally different way to store the playlist and to play music, so it's impossible to write a plugin.
This is one of the causes made me develop this app :) - Aug 10 2007
Anyway you've got that error because you don't have gb.qt.ext component installed, install it and you shouldn't have that problem anymore - Aug 10 2007
strange, have u got gambas 1.9.49?
Anyway if you have irc join @ , channel #gambas
I'll help you directly :) - Aug 10 2007
This is not a costructive comment -.-
Gambas doesn't sux, it's perfect to write guis without having to spend months to create a single button, and the fact this app is lighter in termns of cpu and memory usage demonstrate it's very good - Aug 10 2007
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
Score 70.0%
Feb 26 2008
I've just made a small patch against dragonplayer (KDE 4.6.0) that adds crop to window functionality, fell free to include it into main project if you like it!
- Jan 30 2011
S60 kde 4 theme

Phone Themes 5 comments

by kilah
Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2009
Can you say where did you find this theme?
I would like to know if are there any sources for it.
Thanks! - Jul 11 2009

Audio Apps 5 comments

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May 14 2006
I don't know if there are applications like this for gnome. The only thing I can make is to adapt the gui to make it in gtk interface too if you would like :) - May 15 2006
Because the first version (koggencoder) of stealthsound was born in March of 2005, and soundkonverter did not exist :P - Oct 05 2005
Crystal Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 124 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 08 2010
Same problem here.. - Jan 21 2006
My clean desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 06 2005
Ok I'll give a try >;) - Jul 09 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 05 2008
Very good and clean style, where can i get the colour scheme? - Jun 27 2005

Various KDE Stuff 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Sep 02 2006
I've so much to do these days and for now I've no time to upload it. But the project is still alive and I'll make it compatible with hdl_dump 0.8 too! - Mar 26 2005
Score 74.0%
9   Aug 22 2014

Plasma Themes
by DarkBeastOfPrey

Score 81.9%
9   Aug 22 2014
KDE 5 look

by schnelle

Score 67.3%
9   Aug 22 2014