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Peter D
Vault Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by pyros 2 comments

Thanks, I was just fooling around really :) - Jul 01 2007

GDM Themes by solarfields 8 comments

If I am not mistaken, that term is in reference to the somewhat controversial "ubuntu-calendar" packages that contained rather tasteful wallpapers. They just happened to contain some nudity. try a google image search for ubuntu calendar, you should see some examples. the genuine ones will be obvious, I think.

while the color scheme's different, your choice in backgrounds shows the same focus on the beauty of nudity. - Jun 02 2007
Gray-ce-full Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by patrickclover 47 comments

I really like this theme. I've always been fond of the clean look. and you have realized it nicely.

I know this is a "pre release" icon set, but I still want to make two comments:

consistency; shadows were already mentioned, but the gloss effects are a little hit and miss as well, I've just been removing them.

spot color; you have used this already for some of the status icons. I think the effect is quite dramatic. At 32px and smaller, some of the icons in this set just look like grey blobs. For example, the archive icon. I took mine and changed the fill on the arrow to #cbedab still a very subdued color, but quite effective in helping me distinguish one from another.

Hope you take my advice as intended, mejogid said it best: "I only criticize things that are worth using"

p.s. I have grey-ce'd edit-redo, edit-undo and go-jump and grey-scale firefox svgs if you'd like them. - May 23 2007
Nameless Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by conteXx 30 comments

I like it. I think it is a little too transparent though. might want to back the opacity off a bit.

personally, I think a base set of colors for the main icons, and then sets of complimentary-colored folders would be nice. fairly easy to do if you used svg for the icon "source" - May 22 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by bvc 13 comments

Really, I have to agree. I like this icon set; even more than the original grey folders I miss so dearly. But you can't see squat in the screen shot due to the window transparency. My suggestion would be to copy the contents of the folder to the desktop so that they remain fully opaque for the picture; Like most people, I like to know what I'm downloading. Probably would have never tried this if it hadn't been for the "controversy." - May 22 2007
always a fan of the ol' jolly roger. I think this could be improved by making the text "distressed" though. - Mar 29 2007
working late

Gnome Screenshots by pyros 3 comments

the terminal in question is tilda, and I quite frankly love it. It is in the ubuntu repositories, or can be downloaded from their page on sourceforge: - Mar 29 2007
Breathe and Smile

GDM Themes by sxtynnmach1 4 comments

more derivatives. Glad you liked the layout, I worked really hard on that.
You can find the original here:

*Awesome* choice in backgrounds. - Mar 29 2007
Still alive sunshine GDM Theme

GDM Themes by savagehp 3 comments

More derivatives. would have been nice to mention who did the code for this little number though... it being gpl licensed and all. - Mar 29 2007
Blubuntu GDM

GDM Themes by brentroos 2 comments

The funny thing is, I created the sunergos blue gdm theme for my blue unbutu metatheme :) I decided not to release it after I saw you starting blubuntu. - Oct 13 2006
Soft Flower Gnome GDM

GDM Themes by solarfields 17 comments

nice nice. - Oct 13 2006
Green Blood

GDM Themes by solarfields 6 comments

Well, I sure appreciate the credit, full name and all. It's really cool seing something that I made being useful to others. that was my first theme and I didn't know what to expect, but it's had thousands of downloads, and your's is the third derivative theme that I've seen. it's just so COOL! - Oct 13 2006
Arch Linux Metatheme (lacking a better n

Various Gnome Stuff by spookykid 5 comments

lovely. - Sep 12 2006
Ubuntu Splash Styck Blue"source SVG"

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Luck 5 comments

it would seem someone has submitted your splash to the ubuntu "blubuntu" theme project on - Aug 06 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by SCD 6 comments

of the original tango folder icons. I like those much more than that odd shade of blue. And it's no small coincidence that I like this more than the orange human theme. - Aug 06 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by makaco 2 comments

I like that glare off of the tray. I think it'd look better if you lost the manufacturers lables though. - Aug 06 2006
Brasillinux Mix

GDM Themes by lhamas 1 comment

Cool background. Do you have that somewhere on the site? - Aug 06 2006
Simplistic Black

Wallpaper Other by itsinthecove 3 comments

I really like this background. You said you made it with inkscape, Is there any chance you could post the svg? - Jul 27 2006
Sunergos Simple

GDM Themes by pyros 2 comments

Thank you. - Jul 24 2006
Milk flat - blue

Metacity Themes by arctic 6 comments

the gradient was a great idea, I gives me just the look I wanted with the whiteplate gtk theme. - Jul 17 2006
Chameleon Xcursors

Cursors by egregorion 39 comments

It is without a doubt the cleanest looking cursor theme Thave found. The only problem that I have noticed is the text select cursor seems a little off center. I'm always getting an extra character to the right of what I want. - Jul 17 2006
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 313 comments

nice look and lots of options - Jul 17 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by sympozium 51 comments

I'd have to reiterate the need for svg icons in the blue colorscheme. I love what you have done already. - Jul 17 2006
totem svg icon

Icon Sub-Sets by pyros 4 comments

Thanks. I see what I can do. - Jul 14 2006
Sunergos Blue GDM

GDM Themes by pyros 9 comments

nope, servicezone. I left just before the jobs did. vpac tade ecy. - Jul 01 2006
Sunergos Blue GDM

GDM Themes by pyros 9 comments

yeah, I know what you mean. I've got ptsd from working delltech in '01. there is a definate smell in the air. and it's not victory.
Thanks for the reinforcement.
pd - Jun 29 2006
Sunergos Blue GDM

GDM Themes by pyros 9 comments

Glad you like it and thanks for useing. - Jun 29 2006
Sunergos Blue GDM

GDM Themes by pyros 9 comments

well, I can't make excuses. I am one of your dreaded ubuntu users. I'd like to think that it hasn't affected my ascetic sensibilities however. Thanks for the comment, I was trying to go for something clean and simple. I rather liked your social commentary on the matter (poobuntu) and I have to (sadly) say it looks better than some serious submissions. It's nothing new though. I remember seeing suseEverything and fedoraEverything so on. ubuntu's just getting it's moment in the limelight. Slack is a great distro though, in fact it was one of my first and I still use slax on a usb key at school. reminds me of my first nix experiences with openbsd. Both well crafted systems. Which is the same thing I have found with ubuntu. It's one of the best debian/gnome deployments I've ever seen. as long as you don't look past the gui. - Jun 27 2006
Sunergos Blue GDM

GDM Themes by pyros 9 comments

I've tested it at 800x600 1024x768 and 1280x1024. Please let me know if you have any display problems, particulrly for other languages or wide aspect ratio displays. Thanks - Jun 27 2006