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Paolo Sereno Turin, Italy
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Feb 03 2011
as I wrote, the application is not yet ready, so please consider it as an unstable application ;-)
I can't define a proper installation procedure, because I released the source code only, so you have to compile it and "like every Qt application" you have to do on your linux shell:


and then run from the command line.

Remember to put the

factoryTransitions.txt file
where you have the executable.

I'm working hard on the application because there are many things I have to improve and I'm looking for a package manager (.deb, .rmp) so it will be easy to install it. For the moment you have to compile it, sorry.

I'm glad if you try my application and you can give me some feedback. I think images can improve a lot with the help of a user community :-)

Thank you

- Feb 05 2011

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Sep 05 2017
Thank you for your comment. I will have a look on the widget.
paolo - Apr 26 2010
It seems that the library is not linked together. - May 16 2009
paolo - Apr 05 2009
I understand the problem.
Your compiler does not find qled.h
I'm organising the widgets into a library and I'm arranging the path for new versions.
Unfortunately, for the moment there is a problem with the header in current widget version. What you can do is simply put the qled.h in a place where your compiler can find it.
Please tell me if this fixes the problem.

- Mar 10 2008
It seems that everything is ok.
Select the Help menu, About plugins item, a dialog box will show you what is the problem.
Please write me the information you have from it. - Mar 06 2008
have you set QT in your path?
If it does not work you can copy the dll file in your plugin\designer directory.
Qt Designer looks every dll file in this directory and loads plugins.
good luck!
- Mar 04 2008

Qt Widgets 5 comments

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Feb 14 2008
You did it before me!
I was about to write this widget but you were faster than me!
- Feb 15 2008

Qt Widgets 16 comments

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Nov 03 2016
OK, I've added some doxygen information about QMeter and I included the doxygen html files into the zip archive.
Now I have to verify the robustness of the code and improve the error management.
After some testing I will consider QMetr stable and I'll release the 1.0.0 version.
If someone has comments or find a bug, please post a comment.
Good luck!
- Feb 05 2008
I'm uploading a new QMeter with some bug fixes and improvement.
To add the plugin in Qt Designer just do

make install

and run qt designer.


- Jan 31 2008
Thanks for your comments and advices.
I'm working on it to fix the problems and add new features.
- Jan 31 2008

Qt Widgets 8 comments

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Jul 25 2010
Thank you.
I will fix it in the next release
- Feb 04 2008
ok, let me know when
- Jan 11 2008
I'm happy when someone is using my code :-)
If you like I would appreciate to see your modification, so I can integrate something in my widget (only if you want, of course)
I know Qwt, I know Uwe and he is doing a great job.
From my side I do like to receive comments and requests for new features from other people. It helps me to understand that my work is useful and someone can benefit from that ;-)
So if you have more requests I'll like to know and implement.
Take care
- Jan 11 2008
Thank you very much for your feedback.
I really appreciate your suggestion and I will start working to fix the problems and improve it. It is really important for me receiving feedback from users.
- Jan 11 2008

Qt Widgets 7 comments

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Jul 25 2010
Nice Idea!
I mean to add sounds to widgets.
I'll try to do something for this issue.
- Feb 01 2008
:-) - Jan 02 2008

Qt Widgets 2 comments

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Jan 25 2008
It looks nice!
- Jan 26 2008