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racheengel . Donetsk, Ukraine

Qt Widgets by peppino 5 comments

Looks nice!
Why don't make a single library including all your widgets? It would be very nice IMHO :) - Feb 18 2008
Value Browser

Qt Widgets by ii-system 10 comments

Yes, 3.2.1 is not intended for use with Qt 4.3. This issue will be fixed in the next VB's build. - Jun 08 2007
Value Browser

Qt Widgets by ii-system 10 comments

Hello All!
We are going to gather some information about the projects in which you're using the Value Browser. We're really interested in this information, as well as in suggestions on improvements and bugreports. This will help to make VB's quality higher, and to fulfill all your needs.
Please post your comments here, or mail to
Thanks! - Apr 30 2007

Developers Apps by fullmetalcoder 27 comments

edyuk-0.9.0-beta which is marked as stable is not compilable at all (too many errors - missing includes, wrong casts etc.) - Apr 01 2007